DVD RW burning



Are there any drives out there that are known for their excellent RW performance?

My plextor 708a fails about 50% of the time after I erase and then try to rewrite. I’ve tried all types of media, nero and creator. I’ve tried quick erase and full erase/format. As far as I can tell RW seems to be hit or miss with my drive.


My NEC 3500, 3520, and 4570 all do a superb job with Verbatim +RW media. I constantly check other drives and I have yet to find any even close. Some of the scans llook like MCC 004. I used to find Ricoh RW media was OK but the last two batches failed completely so one solution for you might be to stick to Verbatim +RW 4X.

One note, the 4570 only does +RW and TYG02 media. It seems to have significant problems with other top quality, especially +R.

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Is there a drive with broader RW media compatibility?


Possibly, but I think my NEC ND-4551A is better and more widely compatible with DVD+RW media than my other non-NEC drives (haven’t tried my Optiarc 7173 very much with RW media yet).

My NEC ND-4551A likes Verbatim RW media, Ricoh 8x DVD+RW media and even RiTEK 8x DVD+RW media.


My Liteon 165P6s copes well with Ricoh +RW, from 2.4X to 4X. I think newer 20X/18X series would fit your need.

As for high quality RW media, Mitsubishi/Verbatim/Ricoh/JVC/TDK/Maxell are best bets. :slight_smile:


With NEC drives and the Liteon drives what kind of a failure rate do you guys get for RW media? Is anything going to be close to 100% success for the Erase/ReWrite cycle?


I have used +RW Ricoh and Verbatim through 10 cycles over 3 years with very few problems; usually a defective disc that showed up on the first try. Not so with any other brand, they all were a hit or miss proposition each time.


I found the suggested LiteOn but none of the NEC drives suggested older models?


The current “NEC” drives are made by Sony NEC Optiarc and marketed as NEC and Sony:

NEC AD-5170A
NEC AD-7170A (with DVD-RAM support)
NEC AD-7173A (with DVD-RAM and Labelflash support)

Sony AW-Q170
Sony AW-G170 (with DVD-RAM support)


I can’t guarantee 100% success rate, but I am sure you’ll get satisfied results with quality RW. One or two may occasionally fails, with 1000s uses! :slight_smile:

My ooooold Arita 2.4X+RW(RICOHJPNW01) still serve me very well. I did burn them 1 or 2 times a week for movie/Anime watching on DVD Player.


I’ll run a scan from an NEC later today as well as a scan from a Liteon, 165P6S, later today so you can compare and see what you think.


Its not the scan quality that is the issue. Rather its the ability of the drive to erase and rewrite. On my Plextor drives they will always burn RW media fine the first time. But, after and erase it become hit or miss. I never know if a burn will be successful. I’m just trying to find a drive that actually works properly with RW media.


I do not know why you Plextor drive is so much trouble, but for other drives, the scanning allows you to see the quality of the burn. All my drives will burn +RW discs all the way through. The burn quality is very different.

The first is a 4X burn is from an NEC 3520. The second is the exact same disc and data, but burned on a Liteon 165P6S. The disc has been used over 10 times and the increase in errors is significantly higher than with the first burn.


Buy Verbatim or Rioch +RW, you’ll get what you want. In fact, all of my dvd burners like them very much(2 Liteons, 3 BenQs, 1 NEC 4551).

In addition, I think a full erase would do good on this disk :eek:


Chas, I find your scans interesting, but discouraging. My LiteOn 165H6 produces about the same result, but my old LiteOn 1693 burners do much better.

I’ll bet if you scan those discs with a 1693 you will get less than half the errors. But my 1693 burners really shine when burning this media.

Here’s a typical scan of a first burn. Sometimes I get even better results. I wonder why. I also wonder why the later LiteOns can’t do this.