DVD+RW burning question

I have a NEC DVD+R/RW burner with Nero 6.3. I have not got problems with burning DVD+R but I have just got a DVD+RW disk and want to use it in a similar way to CD-RW.

For CD-RW I just format it and then drag and drop files in Windows Explorer. I don’t seem to be able to do this for DVD+RW. I would usually expect to format the disk and then copy/delete files from Windows Explorer. When I do this however the files are marked as “Files Ready to be written to the CD”, and then when I choose the “Write these files to CD” option for the context menu I get a message “The disk in the drive is not writable or is full”

So my question is can DVD+RW disk be formatted and then used in a similar way to CD-RW’s?


Hi ndblue, welcome to the forums!

The short answer to your question, can DVD+RW discs be used in a similar way as CD-RW discs, is yes. But in order to do this you will have to use packet writing software such as InCD. InCD is from the same creators as Nero and is free if you have installed Nero. When InCD is installed it will detect when you insert a blank DVD+RW disc and ask if you want to format it. If you choose yes the formatting is done and when you then insert the formatted disc into a drive it will be loaded and ready to be used as a small hard disk. You can add, delete, rename files, etc. Download InCD from www.nero.com

Good luck!

Great stuff, thanks for that, I was going potty trying to work out how to do it.

Thanks again.

glad i did a search and found this out.

my major complaint about CD-RWs are the packet writing software. you got incompatible formats (directCD and InCD) which becomes a major nuisance. and i think that’s why CD-RWs never really caught on to replace the floppy disk. it’s so annoying to use nero at home (with InCD), and to take your data with you, only to find a machine that has roxio (with directCD) and it won’t work. or having to read a directCD formatted CD-RW on my nero machine at home. because installing both InCD and directCD creates a conflict. so what’s the point of using RW media? when i burn data with R media, i know it’s compatible.

i was hoping DVD+/-RW would clear this up, and i see the same crap is still happening. i almost exclusively use DVD+R/+RW for file archival purposes. i save a lot of my stuff on DVD+R, but i got a spindle of DVD+RW media that i would like to use as well. i know with DVD+R, i don’t have to deal packet writing, but if i want to make a utilities CD (or whatever) with DVD+RW, then i have to choose and i’m stuck with a format. so if i were to transport it and use it in someone else’s PC and they have roxio pre-installed, and i have InCD, then whoops, i have a problem.

was mt. rainier supposed to help fix this nonsense? will i gain anything from getting a mt. rainier compatible drive?

also to add to my question…

is there a way to run/install nero withOUT InCD? if so, how do i uninstall/disable it? is there NATIVE packet writing in winXP? if so, how do i install/enable it? is there a way to drag and drop files in explorer with a dvd+rw disc?

ok, i’m a noob. i think i just have nero installed and not InCD. i have some other stuff on CD burned with directCD and wanted to read them. but, when i stuck in the CD, it said that it needed to install udf_reader. ok fine. then when it installed, something got disabled, because it said nero was running, drivers were conflicting, and one of them got disabled or something.

so now my question is when creating a DVD+RW in nero, is the DVD+RW formatted in InCD format thereby creating conflicts on a roxio directCD PC?

sorry, i’m just so confused by all of this.