DVD+RW Burning Problems

Well i thought my dvd+rw ricoh disc was screwed so i bought another one. Unforutnatley my 812s@832s cg5g still has problems burning it. It kinda make’s a funny sound, like squeaky (difficulty reading it sound) at a certain percentage, like 60% and i tried reburning and it got to 99% and started happening again…Anyone know why? But with dvd+r it burns successfully!

hrmmm…i never seem to get answers from this forum ever? does no one know or what? :wink:

i feel so left out now…everytime i make a post, it never seems to get answered…have i lost faith in this forum section??? i hope not…!

DVD+RW’s use different materials to record data because they have to be able to rewrite (from memory, my understanding is that DVD+RW uses a type of metal and DVD-R uses chemicals to record the 1’s & 0’s - a web search would be able to provide more detailed info). Perhaps your laser has lost some power and no longer provides sufficient strength to manipulate the recording material. Just guessing though. A clean of the lens may help if you haven’t already done so. Have you tried the disks on another burner to confirm they are OK?

You need to be more specific with your heading if you want more people to take interest.

actually i think it’s in general, not just dvd+rw. today i tried to rip a commerical disc to my computer and it was struggling, like it cudn’t read it. u guys think it has somethin to do with the laser? after several attempts, like ejecting and reinsertin the disc, i got it working…i’m thinkin of gettin maybe a new drive…

try cleaning the lens
helped my old 811s