DVD+RW bitsetting to -ROM on Piodata DVR-108

I own a Pioneer DVR-108 flashed with PIODATA DVR-108 1.18 firmware for bitsetting. Some time ago I heard it wasn’t able to bitset the +RW disks to -ROM but this isn’t true… I have verified today that it is able to! My Sony DVD+RW disk has been reported to have DVD-ROM book type.

Btw, is 1.18 the latest firmware for my PIODATA DVR-108 ?

the pioneer 108 does and it doesn’t. It definately reports that it is once burnt, but the test on some fussy standalone players indicates that something is still wrong here.

for example

i own two old dvd players that won’t play dvd-rw or dvd+rw, but they will play dvd+rw if they are bitset using my old Ricoh 6448 dvd burner using the HP bitset utility.

if i burn exactly the same project to exactly the same type of dvd+rw disk on my pioneer 108 using the piodata firmware, then use cdinfo to set booktype to dvd-rom prior to burning, then perform the burn, these disks still wont play in my old players. The dvd info tools all say the booktype have been correctly set, but they still won’t play.

It’s got me wondering whether there is a burn quality difference between the ricoh and the pioneer models. I have tried Verbatim, imation, and BASF dvd+rw. The ricoh drive will bitset them all and playem in the standalone players no problem.



as far as im aware the piodata FW will not booktype +RW to DVD-ROM only +R

yes, and i’m beginning to think you are right.

However the dvd info tools all say that it has been bitset to dvd-rom, but it definately does not bahave like it.

Damn shame rally



The Piodata sets the flag to DVD-ROM on my DVD+RW’s too. My Toshiba 1712 won’t recognize them until I reburn them with my Pioneer DVR-106 and the flag is set back to DVD+RW. Based on my experience I think something is slightly off too with DVD+RW.

That is no surprise because the T1712 cannot recognize +RW booktyped to -ROM.

Shrug, I find that this does in fact work for me. I use the Xbox as a prime example. Neither +R or +RW is unreadable on my Xbox Samsung drive. As soon as I moved to the Piodata 1.18, the drive sets both media types (ie: +R and +RW) to DVD-ROM and the Xbox can now read these discs w/o any issues. I have used 4x DVD+RW media from Verbatim, and 8x +R media from BenQ (Daxon) and Fuji (TY) w/o any issues.


mmm well if it is truly setting it to dvd-rom, , then in my case, I’m thinking there may be a burn quality issue with my pioneer 108 model. I also have two dvd+rw disks bitset to dvd-rom burnt by a benQ burner a friend has done for me. They too work perfectly in my fussy old standalone players. I wish I could get my pioneer to work too. :sad:

The frustrating thing is, I nearly bought a Benq instead of the pioneer but was talked out of it.

Oh well, maybe someone will discover the casue of the problem

Cheers guys!


IMO the player is the bigger problem here, not the burner.

Hi CHef.

Why do you think that? Or are you saying that I should ditch the standalones coz they aren’t worth the hassle? :slight_smile: If you are, the reason I don’t want to replace them is becasue they all are region fee, macrovision disabled, play even the most damaged/scratched disks pretty much flawlessly, and we have 7 to replace all together coz we bought a whole lot at once (the kids rooms and holiday house have them) . We have 6 conias.



I use the PIODATA 1.18 firmware on my Pioneer 108 and it bitsets +R and +RW to DVD-ROM. It will only bitset new unformatted dvd+rw to dvd-rom automatically, if you have previously burnt to your +rw’s you will need to do a full erase or format to set it to dvd-rom. :slight_smile:

IceBerg’s post will probably solve your problems with +RW.