DVD-RW becomes DVD-ROM

When I use a re-recordable disc, either DVD-RW or DVD+RW, it burns fine until I go to use it again. Then I can’t write anything on it because it says it is a DVD-ROM! How can that happen and what can I do to get around it?

I would like to use my re-recordable discs!

I’m using Nero to burn.


I’m not able to answer to your question, but I think that some more details are needed.

What burner are you using? What firmware? Have you changed the booktype for +RW media? Do you do a FULL erase of RW media before to write data on them?

Have you tried to burn these discs on a different drive (just to exclude a damaged media)? If you don’t have another drive, maybe you can ask to a friend to do a little test :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how to change the booktype to +RW media. Would I have to do that every time I used an RW?

It seems that the problem is during recording the first time the drive changes the booktype to DVD-ROM. Then when I go to erase the disc I can’t because it says you can’t do that to a DVD-ROM which makes sense. But the concern is why does it change it to a DVD-ROM in the first place.

My drive is one of the newer ones, Optiarc AD-7170A. That’s a NEC and Sony drive.

Yes I have tried different drives and yes before writing the first time the recorder erases the disc. It’s only on subsequent uses that I can’t erase the disc.

In Nero change the booktype to DVD-+RW for future burns. If you have or know someone with an older BenQ (1620,1640,1650/55) you can change a disc with Booktype Manager.

Do you have Alcohol 120% installed?

Try to do a FULL erase with ImgBurn. This software was able to recover a RW disc in many cases, even if Nero gives errors, so it’s worth a try :slight_smile:

I can’t see where you can select booktype DVD-+RW or any other in Nero. How can I set booktype?

I haven’t used Nero in years but it used to be under Choose Recorder > More Settings or something like that.

Are you using Liggy and Dee’s firmware?

If you are saying that the +RWs are automatically being booktyped to DVD-ROM, then you should probably use Nero CDSpeed to permananetly reset the booktype for that drive back to DVD+RW.
[B]CDSpeed > Extras > Bitsetting > [/B] :smiley:

Also, you can check under NeroBurningRom, check ‘Options’ when you get to the current recorder screen.