DVD RW and PCI IDE controller grief


I am a newbie to the world of DVD writers and am just realizing some of the pitfalls.

I have an old machine and was trying to get a DVD RW to attach to it. Got a BENQ 1610 and found out when I got it that it requires ATA66 whereas my mobo IDE is ATA33.

No problem I thought as a mate gave me a Maxtor TX2 ATA133 IDE controller (which is a rebranded Promise card) a couple of months ago.
Added IDE controller - Fine.
Attached DVDRW - Fine. BIOS saw it and Windows saw it (98SE).
Installed software - Fine.
Played DVD - Fine.

Went back the next day and - Oh dear…
BENQ refuses to eject tray unless I use windows to eject it - the button doesn’t work.
When I do get a disk in it’ll play CDs OK but windows hangs if I put a DVD in. Windows appears to think it is only a CD-ROM now.
Haven’t even attempted to burn anything yet.

So here are the questions:
Is the burner knackered or is something up with the IDE controller.
If the IDE controller is no good can anyone recommend one that will see DVD RW drives properly.
If that won’t work can anyone recommend a burner that will be OK with ATA33. I’m not after lightning fast burning just something that’ll work.
Bear in mind I’m on a tiny budget as just has first baby and money is tight.

Many Thanks


PC spec:
Abit BX6 rev 2 mobo
1.4 Ghz Celeron on adapter socket
1 Gb RAM
IDE 1 - 2*40Gb WD caviar
IDE 2 - LG Cd rom, ZIP drive
Maxtor TX2 ATA133 PCI IDE controller
BENQ 1610 attached to above as master on IDE channel 1.
Window 98SE (scanner won’t work on 2000 or XP)
450W PSU

Are you certain it REQUIRES ATA66 - if it will select ATA33, and does not have to compete with anything else on the channel, that should be good enough for 16x.

There is a sticky, I think it’s in the next forum up, on the subject of IDE controllers - many are NOT good with optical drives.

Thanks for that

I’m not sure about ATA66 but the tech support guy from benq who I spoke to seemed pretty insistent that it wouldn’t burn on ATA33.

Ta for the tip on the IDE controller thread. Looks that the Maxtor won’t work in any case but the fact my machine hangs if i stick a DVD in the tray (if it decides to eject) is still a bit worrying.


UDMA Mode 0/1/2 - that’s 16, 22, and 33 - and THAT’S straight from BENQ