Dvd-rw And Dvd+rw

I am having a problem with rewritable discs they keep skipping on my Onkyo DVD player but non rewritable discs work fine. It’s funny because they don’t skip in the same spot of the movie and they don’t skip on my cheap DVD player. I use the newest version of nero vision to encode and burn my dvd’s could it be a reaction from the codec nero uses and that the dvd player doesn’t respond properly to how it’s transcoded.
How do I disable the nero codec so that I can try another codec like ffdshow ??

First what kinda burner do you have and its’ firmware and what version of nero do you have? What also format are you burning to the media? Do you have a booktyped drive or booktyped from software? What file or media are you copying to the media? Do that file you have play on your computer prior to transferring to a dvd media? You gave so answers but is too vague to the source and format and the drive unit itself. We do need more information to diagnosis what is the problem.

Probably has to do with the fact that DVD rewritable are harder to read than non rewritable discs.

What model Onkyo DVD player do you have?

Check for compatibility’s here


As coolcolors has stated, give us more info please.

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