DVD+RW and dual format DVD recorders dominate PC market

I just posted the article DVD+RW and dual format DVD recorders dominate PC market.

While most users think DVD-RAM is outdated, the format is currently big on the consumer electronics (CE) market, while DVD+RW and dual format recorders are currently dominating the…

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How strange? I know about 50 people with pioneer 104 or 105 -r/rw drives and 3 people with dual format sony drives. (who can only write at 2x on their sony 4x drives). Lets hope the people who did this survey aren’t employed by th +r/rw makers.
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If true, it’s gotta be at least partly because the big chain stores – including Best Buy, Circuit City, Staples, Office Depot and Office Max – all seemingly refuse to carry the dash-r format. Aside from the Sony dual-format drives, I’ve seen nothing but plus-Rs in any of these stores. The fix is in.

Probably a country specific thing. - is still big in the UK on PC.

I have -R and a few people I know are the same, one of them migrated to -R after not having a deal of success with his +R in the compatibility stakes.

Does anyone know what you miss out by having a DVD-R drive and not a DVD+RW? I thought DVD+RW’s feature (missing from -) was it can write VBR-MPEG2, so if you have a DVD set top box (VCR type thing but with DVDs) you might care what format you have (cause you might write VBR-MPEG2) but most PC users will not be doing real-time VBR MPEG2 so what else does it do? I’ve got a Pioneer 104, why doesn’t Pioneer make a slot loading DVD-RW like the OEM apple drives that would be slick.:slight_smile:

Don’t worry guys, the future will be +R(W) : DVD5 ! Wait & see…

dvd11 :d

…the plus format supports Mount Rainier “sorti”, something that minus doesn’t. I think it has some kind of fudge equivalent or one wasis being developed, but why create something new when a standard already exists? Personally I know no-one with a RAM drive of any kind for PC or home recording, everyone has a + only drive with the exception of one who has a Pioneer - drive, but that’s only because it was at the time the only drive you could buy. Oh yeah he had to change his Tosh DVD player a few months ago (less than a year old) because it wouldn’t play DVD-Rs, top quality Tosh! And that from a company that’s pro the minus format. The minus format sucks and will disappear in good time, but there again so will the plus format if they crack on with these “Blu Ray” products. :slight_smile:

This seems accurate. Most consumers buy their drives at the big chain stores, and has been noticed above, they mostly carry plus drives now. Of the people I know, only 1 has a - drive, and that was because he was an early adopter. In the last 7 months, 3 of my friends have bought plus and all been very happy. I have plus and have never had any issues at all.

It would seem that DVD-RAM is the technically most advanced format, plus is second and minus third. Some of the info and claims about the benefits of plus over minus don’t appear to be true of make perfect sense. For example, I am able to make direct-to-disc variable bitrate recordings to minus discs (using Ulead DVD Movie Factory) which supposedly is not possible according to the plus hype. During the real-time direct-to-disc recording info is sent is small bursts to the drive, implying it must be performing lossless linking (which I know the minus is capable of), something that the plus hype suggests is an advantage of plus over minus. Yet minus can still do it. What would be best if DVD-RAM took over and both the others dissappeared, and that may yet happen with the DVD-Forum approved blue laser AOD format, which is I believe DVD-RAM based technology.:wink: