DVD+RW and CD-RW write protected?

Hi all

I have a Pioneer dvr-212.
Before that, I have always used the DVD+RW and CDRW discs without any problem. Now, with my new burner, I can’t format them.
If I use Nero, Poweriso, Roxio, Imageburner (and many others), they give me the following error: “The disc is write protected” (with both quick and full format).
I can burn normally on CD-R and DVD±R and I can use them in my Nortek DVD Recorder to record the tv channels. Even if I format the discs with this recorder, my PC says that thay are Write Protected.
I think that it is not related to the Operating System, because Windows XP and Windows 2003 give the same error.
I have also updated the firmware of the burner, but without success.

Any help?
Thank you in advance

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Do you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools present on your PC?

Really toomuch installed burning apps…

To Arachne.

Thank you for your wuick replies

Yes, I have Daemon Tools Pro installed, but it has always been present on my system. I will remove it and I will see what happens.

To chef

Yes, I agree with you. I don’t like to have too much applications. Normally I use only Nero. I have my tests with the portable versions of the mentioned softwares.


Problem solved!

I have removed Daemon Tools and now it works!.
For my curiosity I will install Damon Tools Standard (and not the Pro version).

Thank you so much

You’re welcome, glad it’s fixed :slight_smile:

You may still run into the same problem with DT Standard - if you do, post back as you can adjust a setting within DT :wink:

Hello there. Can you tell me the setting I need to adjust in DT Standard? Thank you.

Hi vvinushan, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you’re still around, or haven’t discovered the setting to change by now, in DT you need to uncheck either the “Hide ATIP” or “Hide CDR media” option (can’t recall exactly what it’s called, haven’t used DT in ages). Hopefully that’ll do the trick.

Hi there. Thank you for replying. I can’t find that setting on the new DT Tools Lite. Do you know where I need to go? Thank you.

Hiya no worries :slight_smile:

As I said, I’ve not used DT in ages, so what I did was, I installed it on my laptop to see if I could find the necessary setting.

Like you, I couldn’t find it, so either it doesn’t exist in DT Lite, or changes have been made to DT since I last used it! :eek:

So, I think we’ll need to work from the ground up on this:

Are you having issues burning, like the OP in this thread?
What OS are you using?
Which version of DT Lite are you using, and did you install SPTD?
Are you getting any particular error messages?

I installed the latest version (v4.47.1), and installed SPTD.
After the install, I burned a quick CDR using Explorer, as I have no burning software on my lappy. This completed without error.

Sorry for all the questions…:slight_smile:

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate edition and when I put in the DVD+RW it doesn’t do anything else. I go to Computer and double-click my CD Drive and name the CD. When it is formatting, it says ‘The disk is write-protected’. And I have installed SPTD.

OK, thanks. Have you tried any other burning software?

Try downloading the (free) ImgBurn and formatting from within there.

Since there’s not a separate entry for SPTD in Add/Remove Programs (my lappy runs XP), the only other advice I can give if ImgBurn doesn’t do the trick is to uninstall DT temporarily and see if that fixes the issue.

Unless anyone else has any bright ideas :wink:

I have tried formatting with ImgBurn but with no luck. I have also tried other blank CDs.

If you have tried to burn something with ImgBurn, and it has failed, please copy the log file of the failed burn and place it here in this thread. You can find the log files by clicking Help in ImgBurn.

^ Good call Kerry.

Might also be an idea to find out if anything else might be causing this - any other burning software (this includes iTunes and the like) or other emulation proggies installed?

Uncheck any Emulation option under Settings/Advanced in DT lite.
If that doesn’t solve the problem uninstall SPTD by using the Installer in the DT lite directory,
or download the SPTD (un-)installer drom Duplex Secure.

But as suggested by Arachne the problem could also have another cause.

[QUOTE=vvinushan;2685464]I have tried formatting with ImgBurn but with no luck. I have also tried other blank CDs.[/QUOTE]

I wonder what you’ve tried “to format”…
If you meant ±RWs then its ok, but not with CD-R. :wink: