DVD-rw and CD-rw question


Im thinking of buying a new burner sometimes soon but have trouble choosing the right one. Ive read much about burners having problem making a correct backup of the new securom and safedisk ATIP stuff and so on (If there is one burner that can do both ok id realy want to know witch).
Im also a newbie in backing up dvd disks and so on.

Im wondering if there is a good DVD burner that can backup (read/record) dvd disks AND have the abillity to backup securom and safedisk in a good way so i dont have to buy both a dvd burner and cd burner.

If there isnt any good alternativ ill think of buying the best burner for the bucks and later buy a dvd burner when they can do both dvd and cd backup ok.

Hoping for help…

Why do you not simply buy both a cd burner and a dvd burner?

Becouse i think its cheaper and nicer to have an all in all burner… But if u dont know about any dvd burner that can do all that good witch dvdrw is best för dvd backup and witch vdrw is best for securerom and safedisk backup?

All available dvd-rw recorders are based on pioneer dvr-a04, which can’t write raw-dao at all. Maybe the new Sony will do that. You can see my solution for that problem in my signature :smiley:

Ive look around and to backup dvd movies seems to be a bitch! Either you have to devide one movie to two dvd-r disks (expensive and not possible in all cases if i didnt read wrong) or lover the bitrate and then i can as well burn vcd movies on cd’s =(.

But as your sig says is the LiteOn 40125W@48x (VS02) the best way to go to get working securom and safdisk (newest versions)games in any case?

I havent the doe to buy all the dvd drives you mentioned like: Toshiba 1502 DVD-ROM, Cyberdrive 058D, Pioneer DVR-A03, DC10+, if it was that you ment to get all things working fine. Cyberdrive i dont know anything about.

Think i will ice the idee to get an dvd burner becouse of the problem of backing up (if u dont know a link about that stuff) and get a good burner.

Give me the best tip of burner and ill get on buying.

Cyberdrive 058D is a cd burner, not a dvd drive.
DC10+ is a video capture card, not any kind of drive

LiteOn: Look into the LiteOn-forum and its FAQ.

DVD backup: www.doom9.org

Once you get a dvd r/rw -+ or whatever, There are ways do be able to back up dvd’s. But the process is not something I can go into detail about due to forum rules and guidelines.

You can go to www.vcdhelp.com and look under dvd stuff. There are tons are tutorials and how-to’s on that site.

There are several combos on the market that will do both cd and dvd burning, one I know of is a Sony drive dont know the model # off the top of my head right now.

@cloak: do you speak of the 120 drive? If you do: the question was about “dvd-rw and cd-rw”, not “dvd+rw and cd-rw”…:stuck_out_tongue: so we have to wait how the sony combo performs

will read about that in the link. And yes if i should buy a dvd burner it shoulkd be able to burn backups of gamings cd’s like the litheon and ALSO burn dvd movies backup.