DVD-RW and CD-RW lose quality on direct overwrite?


It seems like CD-RW and DVD-RW regularly need full erasure after a few reburns, due to the lack of direct overwrite.

After burning a Maxell RITEKW06 (maybe fake) DVD-RW four times after quick formats, the error rate reached 600 PIE.
After reburning eight times without full blanking, the error rate shot up to 1500 PIE on average. That resulted into unreadablility by GDR8162B. LiteOn eTAU108 could also not maintain full reading speed.

After blanking the first ~500 MB (aborted by drive poweroff), they had less than 30 PIE after reburn.

A CD-RW was close to unuseable, but after a full blank, it recoverd again, except sectors 1020 to 1034, which are probably worn out.

This effect did not occur on DVD+RW.

Did any of you also experience something similar?

Does HD-DVD-RW also suffer from this problem?