DVD+RW alliance releases 2.4x DVD+RW Double Layer specs

I just posted the article DVD+RW alliance releases 2.4x DVD+RW Double Layer specs..

Just when
one thought that double/dual layer write-once media was the last addition to the
list of DVD recordable formats, the DVD+RW Alliance has just announced the
release of version…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11729-DVDRW-alliance-releases-2_4x-DVDRW-Double-Layer-specs_.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11729-DVDRW-alliance-releases-2_4x-DVDRW-Double-Layer-specs_.html)

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Double layer media seems to be compatible with every machine i’ve tried it in, as long as the booktype is set to dvdrom. I can’t comment on double layer -R compatibility though as I haven’t used it. Here in Australia you can get the Verbatim +R DL for $3.50 each which is reasonable I think. The introduction of a new form of media means drive manufacturers will get to release more drives with new features to help boost sales. They should be happy.

Well, FreqNasty - i think you missed the point entirely. DVD+RW-DL is a lot worse. Remember the CD-RW/CD-R difference? most players played CD-R and most didn’t play CD-RW? Well - it’s the same sort of concept here - the DVD+RW-DL uses Phase Change Crystal Layer to do the recording, and these crystals have a much much lower reflectivity. Most devices wouldn’t even recognise it because the reflectivity has dropped BELOW the specification for DL Standards. However, DVD+R-DL and DVD-R-DL are all similar, with reflectivities sitting inside or on the edge of the standard. That’s why they … on the most part … work.

Come on! DL at 2.4x is like recording a SL disc at 1.2x. These companies need to quit playing the game of releasing ultra-slow media & recorders only to slowly bump up the speed to sell us new media and recorders.

@luigogh, I was referring to the compatibility of write once dual layer media being compatible with everything I have tried it on, I was not referring to dual layer rewritable. I agree that current gen dvd players probably won’t play this media.