DVD+RW alliance announces dual layer DVD recordables

I just posted the article DVD+RW alliance announces dual layer DVD recordables.

  Liggy and Sviox used our    news submit  to tell us that that a  new development in the DVD recordable area has been announced by the DVD+RW  Alliance. This might bring the current DVD format...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6810-DVDRW-alliance-announces-dual-layer-DVD-recordables.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6810-DVDRW-alliance-announces-dual-layer-DVD-recordables.html)

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this will kill dvd-r unless the same happens with dvd-r or the media is too expensive pity i will need to buy a new burner

This will have no effect on anything, the media will cost too much and there will be zillions of playback problems, even pressed dual layer DVDs are far from perfect with many playback issues. A blu-ray like product will be much better, all we need is some brave AV manufacture to make a DVD player that will play back DVD files from the Blu-ray disc.

And I was in nirvana state with my new PX-708A :slight_smile: Now I will have to replace it ? :slight_smile:

CDR_Info reports Pioneer Corporation has proceeded to the development of dual layer recording on DVD-R discs. The first measurements on the two layer DVD-R discs showed that the jitter for the fisrt layer is 9.34%, the reflectivity 17.3%, while the same measurements for the second layer were 8.08% and 19.5%, respectively. Playback compatibility with the current DVD players is expected to be high. Although the limited information about the technology background, dual layer DVD recording is definitely a major step beyond and expected to boost the sales of DVD writers. Hmmm interesting :slight_smile:

Don’t worry too much Lord KiRon as Plextor will most likely have their 16x DVD+R recorder (PX-716A) out by then and hopefully it will be compatible with these new dual layer discs :B Until then, I too will continue to enjoy my Plextor PX-708A!!

ok, im confused–so in order to be able to write to these dual layer media- you need a new burner or no??

That’s right. Basically, dual-layer DVD+RW is somwhat of a different technologie compared to single-layer DVD+RW. So to burn dual-layer DVD+RW, you’ll need a dual-layer DVD+RW burner and dual-layer DVD+RW disc.

Finally! Finally we’ll be able to backup DVD’s without stupid re-encoding and the associated quality loss. Of course we’ll have to buy a new burner and probably also a new standalone DVD-Player, but heck, that’s progress :slight_smile:

Why do you need a new burner? Since a dvd-reader can read both single and dual-layer disks I asume the laser of a single and a dual layer burner is the same, so is this not possible by firmware upgrade?

Incredible! Great! I was going to buy a 8x writer, but now… I want to write dual layer DVDs.:slight_smile:

:frowning: Just ordered a PX-708 and now the DVD+ R 9… I think that a writer can be adapted by means of firmware because the Powerpoint presentation of Philips states: *Modifications on firmware and application software *Standard hardware But there will be commercial issues for sure …:B

The site said that that they used standard hardware to write to the discs though! New firmware/software was needed though.

The site said that that they used standard hardware to write to the discs though! New firmware/software was needed though.

i certainly hope so- i really dont want to know that my Pioneer DVD±rw is already out of date!:c

EDIT: Allready someone noticed the thing about no hardware-changes needed… However, the news on this page does not say that dual layer is +R only, not +RW… Would be a nice fix there, as not to confuse people :wink:
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I remember DVD+RW Alliance’s promise years ago, when 1st generation DVD+RW drives came out, they claimed a simple firmware upgrade will solve to write DVD+R. Was great news. Months later DVD+R was introduced, and those “great” companies just give a f*ck for their customers and wanted many of us to buy a new drive to write DVD+R. That was the biggest bullshit I have ever seen. That was more than enough of them, so went for DVD-R and have never been dissapointed since that. So I say, will belive this “software upgrade only” shit when MANY of you say that it have already WORKED. I don’t belive in DVD+RW Alliance’s single word anymore. regards, Stephen

Nor the DVD+RW Alliance, nor Philips, has stated that current drives will be able to record dual layer DVD+R9 media! The PowerPoint presentation only mentions that current hardware is used to demonstrate the technology. You need a NEW recorder to write to DVD+R9 media, however all current drives and players should be able to read dual layer DVD+R media recorded on other equipment, as it is designed to be compatible with the DVD-ROM standard.

Should we anticipate a problem with DVD-rot with this new media?

did anybody else notice when they said it was ‘feasible’? Maybe I have a different idea of what kind of enthusiasm is behind ‘feasible,’ but is that a good thing for it to be ‘feasible’ or not? I mean, it doesn’t say ‘practical’