DVD-RW 4x certified media supports ONLY 4x drives (not 1-4 drives ?!)

I bought 1 5-pack “4x certified DVD-RW”.
Before opening it I notice that it says on the box:

“This media is for use in DVD-RW 4x drives …
Earlier DVD-R/RW drives require a firmware upgrade” !!!

My drive is Liteon LDW-811S: (+) 8x 4x (-) 4x 2x (so -RW 2x)
I have got the latest firmware,
but this firmware is not for upgrading to -RW 4x

I wonder why the DVD-RW pack does not simply say: “Max. 4x” or “1-4x” :confused:
so I fear my -RW 2x drive does not support the “only 4x certified DVD-RW” media.

Can I use these “only 4x” Verbatim DVD-RW on my -RW 2x drive , or not ?
Please help ! :cool:

Until now about 20 people read my question, nobody answered yet.
In the meantime I have found the answer myself, … to whom it concerns !

  • This media is compliant with the new standards for 2x-4x speed DVD-RW recording. This media is compliant with 4x DVD-RW drives.
    This media is incompatible with 1x DVD-RW drives.
    >>>>> Using this media with the 2x-speed DVD-RW drives may result in writing errors, failures in retrieval of data, or damage to the data recorded on this media. Please check with your drive manufacturer’s web site for firmware upgrades