DVD+RW 4x absolute max?



Is 4x the absolute upper limit for DVD+RW or can we expect 6x/8x in the near future ?

With CD-RW I’m using 80min/24x Verbatims Ultra Speed, even 32x exists nowadays.

Hoping to see some speed increase for DVD+RW as well.


8x should be “the absolute max” for DVD+/-RW writing in future (my prediction). The problem is that increasing the RW speed is not top priority right now, the R&D labs are busy with the upcoming blue ray technology, and faster (and more importantly cheaper) double layer DVD writing / media (so called “inverse stack” production method that will make DL media much cheaper).

That’s why it should take a while for 8x DVD+/-RW drives to hit the market (remember that it took ages for faster CD-RW media and burners to be released also; 10x CD-RW writing was the maximum for quite a while). We can expect 8x DL writing next year.