DVD +RW 2,4x only 2x in BTC1004IM

Why I can only record x2 disks +RW 2,4x, in my BTC1004IM?

Have a look at this thread:

Perdona, pero ya lo había leido, esto no resuelve mi duda, ya que en un principio sí que lo hacía, no recuerdo con que firmware, ¡ahora creo que los he probado todos!. Así mismo conozco otra gente que no tiene este problema y con la misma grabadora y los mismos discos graba a 2,4x.

I remember asking marco this some time ago, and it is due to a restriction in the firmware. BTC decided that 2.4X +RW media should only be written at 2X. No further explanation was given though.

Yes, more infinite wisdom of BTC to choose a 2x speed, instead of the 2.4x speed that is more standard. It’s good to be a little different from the competition, but not in this way. I’d stick with the 4x write speed.