I have an HP media center that has recently had the motherboard and power supply replaced under warranty (from the place I purchased it). Now I am having problems with the dvd writer acknowledging that there is a disk in it. I took it back to the store they swapped it out with an HP1140i-
it started once when I picked it up and hasn’t since then.
The technician where I got it said it was due to software problems and that I should reinstall (or restore) the software to day 1, I have done this twice and am having the same problems. The only thing I can think of is that when they replaced the mobo and power supply they didn’t replace the cables and that is the problem.
Any help or thoughts are appreciated. Thank you, Don.

Does the drive exhibit this behavior with every type of disk? Can it recognize a commercially made dvd video, an audio cd or a blank cd?

What types of blank dvds have you tried in it?

Does the drive show up in My Computer? Do you have any error messages in Device Manager?

Your HP 1140i is an PATA IDE interface drive. Any competent shop would know to set the jumper on the back of the drive correctly, but you can check that. If the drive is connected at the very end of the IDE cable, the jumper should be set to Master or Cable Select. If it is connected to the middle connector on the IDE cable the jumper should be set to Slave or Cable Select. (Cable Select allows the computer to determine how the drive is set up).

Are you using an 80 wire IDE cable? That is very much recommended over the older style 40 wire cable.