DVD-RW 112D problem...HELP!

Hello,I have my Pioneer DVD-RW 112D set as Master D: DRIVE,and I have my Samsung SH-D162C DvdRom Drive set as Slave E:,Im using 80pin Conductor cable,Im tryin Empty Verbatim Dvd cd’s in 112D it detects them…however,when I try to burn music cd with cd-r cd’s [DIFFERENT KIND BRANDS]it doesnt detect them and randomly changes from DVD-RW to CD-DRIVE D: ,when i go check in services.msc i see IMAPI CD BURNING is set on AUTOMATIC but status empty…so if anyone can help me out and try to burn music with dvd-rw I would really appriciate it…My firmware is 1.24 latest.

What’s your build date mate, between December 06 and February 07 we had some drives that gave problems with CD mechanisms…

I would also DISABLE IMAPI services.
Then use better burntools like Burrrn, cdburnerxp and Imgburn.