DVD-R's wont play



I have what I hope is a basic question… I live at home with my parents and ever since I tought them how to backup there DVD’s They have been happy knowing they dont have to worry about the grandkids messing up there DVD collections. But now they have a new problem…

I dont know if it is software of Hardware that is causing this. But on there old Magnavox DVD player which I now own. There Backup DVD-R’s played almost 99.5% of the time and now that they got a RCA DVD/VCR combo unit, They cant seem to get one good copy. Is it the DVD player? or have they just worn out there DVD burner. They have a home made pent. 3.0ghz with 512 mb mem, and a cheap $30 Lite-on dvd/cd burner.

The programs they use are DVD Shrink, DVD Decryptor, and when nothing works… THey run AnyDVD. Are the new DVD’s getting better protection or is Sony DVD-r’s crap?

They like to look for old movies on DVD and then back them up and now they have not touched the computer after burning almost 10 cup coasters(bad copys). And they made me buy them a 10 pack of DVD-r’s because I told them to try different ways to copy and it did not work each time.

It apears that the dvd-r’s will play in there RCA DVD player for like the first half of the movie and then half way through you start to see patches and squares poping up all over the movie and then the DVD player just STOPS. What could the problem and solution be?

And if they have to get a new burner… WHat are some of you guys/gals useing with out any problems. I am going to buy them a new DVD burner for my moms birthday.

Thank you, everyone that can help. :wink: :bow:


That’s a lot of basic questions, which you can find answers for in the various forums around here, but I’ll give you a condensed version.

Your problem with your new dvd player seems to be that it doesn’t like the media you are using in it. Don’t know if it is just incompatibility with the player or if your burner doesn’t match up well with those disks. Which model Lite-On do you have? You’ll get better answers if we know which burner you are using.

You might be better off using Verbatim brand disks if you buy locally. Or you can try some Taiyo Yuden 8x disks from an online shop like rima.com (if you are in the US)

Are your parents using DVDShrink to reduce the entire dvd? If so, then you might be getting lots of compression artifacts in the copy you are making. Depends on how much compression you are using. Backing up just the main movie and getting rid of extras, the menus, other soundtracks, etc will reduce the amount of compression you have to use. There are many good guides for using Shrink----you might start with the ones at mrbass.org
But compression artifacts probably aren’t the cause of the problems you have with the new player.

Since you have AnyDVD you won’t run into many dvds that you can’t rip. Yes, there are quite a few newer dvds out there with tougher protection schemes, but AnyDVD should be able to handle them if you keep it updated.

If the burner you have now is an older, 4x or 8x model, then you should consider getting a newer one. I like the Pioneer 111 series, but there are good ones from most of the major manufacturers these days. LG and Plextor (if you can afford them) are also good choices.


I would get some Verbatim DVD+R discs and bitset them to ROM. I don’t care anything for any kind of Sony media. I have got burnt a few times in the past on their blank cds.


This is what I got from Nero’s CD Speed

It should also show the modle of DVD my parents are useing.

I cant get this forum to let me upload the graphic. So I will just tell you it is a Lite-on dvdrw SHO-160P65 PSOA acording to nero speed cd. And the media is sony


Are you sure about the model number? There is quite a lot of information about the Lite-On SHW-160P6S in the Lite-on subforum. It is a fairly recent, 16x burner. But I’m not familiar with the model you’ve listed. (not that I am a Lite-On expert anyway)

Most likely the Sony disks you are using are the Taiwanese version, and are hit or miss in quality. Again I have to say that your problems are probably related to the disks you are using. Verbatims will be a safer choice if you buy your blank dvds at the local shops.

Burning speed also affects the quality of your burns. Try burning at 8x and see if that helps.

Do a transfer rate test with Nero CD/DVD Speed. You should get a smooth curve on a good burn. You can also run the quality test.

If you want to post an image, go to advanced reply and hit manage attachments. You should be able to browse to the location of the file on your computer and upload it.


I did the manage image and after it uploaded the image, I clicked close this window and it never showed on my posting. But I can say that with Nero’s CD/DVD Speed program it has a Green line going diagnel up and a yellow line going streight. And in the end both lines were almost streigh… But they both had a big spike downwords… Not to menchon they were not totaley streight… THey were squigley/jagged. I think after about 100 DVD and CD burns They may have worn out this DVD burner.

Should I get them a new one? Or… WHat is a good brand. I just learned that there are some DVD burners that can burn DVD-ROM DVD’s. I hear they are more solid. And the Exzact modle od DVD burner thay have is the [B]SHW-160P6S04C[/B]


A Friend of mine hates the fact that I like that ZoneAlarm program as a firewall. He says that the one in router is good enough. But ever since windows 98 I have found and recomended it to everyone. Can this program be causeing DVD problems on my parents computer? They just bought thers about a month or 2 ago and I had to run every program on there computer just so Zone alarm knew everything that was on it. Should they turn it off before they burn?

Just a thought that hit me just now. My parents are the type of people that bolive in “Remove and Replace” WHen I like to learn and solve the problem. If everyone in the world bolived in the “Remove and Replace” thought. Then we may still be liveing like cowboys. hehehe :wink: wink wink


I know of people who burn 50-100 dvds a month, for a couple of years, without wearing out their drive. 100 burns should not have affected your drive adversely. Then again, it is a Lite-On. (personal bias)

Burning to dvd-rom means bitsetting a DVD+R disk, as sober1 posted earlier. Basically it makes a dvd +R appear to be a dvd rom, like a commercially made disk. Some drives can do this out of the box, others need modified firmware. You can’t bitset a DVD-R disk.

Bitsetting (or booktyping as it is also called) isn’t really necessary on new dvd players. They can read burned dvds quite well these days. It is just an extra little step you can make to improve compatibility of your burned disks across all dvd drives and players.

If you are set on looking for a new burner, look at the LG models and Pioneer as well as the Lite-ons. Go through a few reviews that are available in the dvd drive forums here.

I seriously doubt that ZoneAlarm has got anything to do with your problems. And by the way, it sucks as a firewall. Too intrusive, uses too much in the way of resources. Look up Sygate Personal Firewall on Google. The freeware version is one of the best software firewalls available now. And the only reason to get a third party firewall instead of using XP’s built-in firewall is if you want to control outgoing traffic from programs you’ve already installed.