DVD-Rs from 4163B: reading problems / strange "ring" / barely hearable high tone

NO DISC or a DVD+R is in the drive ,also cannot set :frowning:

Drive speed test with empty Verbatim DVD-R 8x (MCC02… like above)
Looks okay I think - but the drop in the speed may be exactly where the “ring” ends on the burned discs!?

That’s a standard 8X burn! The drive starts at 6X, stops to re-calibrate and goes again at 8X. If you write at 12X you will see the same drop and rise when it switches to 12X. Only 16X writing is done using P-CAV which starts something around 7X and rises to 16X and then stays there until the end of the disc but even with this writing mode you will still see dips where the laser re-calibrates.


Yeah I suppose the Toshiba does not cope well with the region where the 2 areas are linked together! Remember, it was produced before there were any DVD writer out there. Should be much better with DVD+R (when booktype is DVD-ROM, I assume) AFAIK as there are no destroyed user data / crc areas, according to the article about +/- differences I recently read.

For compatibility I will also try to write DVD-R at 4x speed - no recalibration, no link area - should be better for that old drive. I would exchange the (slime line laptop) toshiba drive, but they are quite expensive, not so easy to get and in this laptop painful to build in (no module bay!).

Thanks again, Ill try and let you know.

I haven’t yet read all posts on this thread. Longer recognition on Nero CD-DVD Speed is not too bad and rarely affects drive usage. If your PC seems to have lagging while trying to “recognize” a DVD disk, it’s probably just media problem (either physical write quality or too many files, etc.)

This is exactly what I fear - as I hoped the write quality of these discs (again Verbatim MCC 02RG20 DVD-R 8x) on this drive (GSA-4163B) would be good? I do not think this can be called “many files” - most of these discs hold 5-8 files (300-1200 MB database images) directly in the root directory. If I insert one of those discs (with or without DVD Speed), the “Recognition Time” is 20-25sec and 15sec with an empty disc - no exact measurements but “about”. I understand e.g. Taroth this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about disc quality or drive quality?

Empty DVD-R Transfer Speed Measurement

The first 3 tests I did the graphs look as the one I posted above (with the speed drop somewhere in the beginning), since then they look different - see below this post. Also the capacity in the graph has changed (4.38GB vs about 4.25GB), but the Results page always says 4.38GB - so does Nero: “Empty DVD-R, remaining space 4489MB”. A little bit strange :rolleyes:

Nero CD-DVD Speed - change of drive speed appears to have no impact!

Nero CD-DVD Speed does not care whatever reading speed I enter in the Options, it always appears to do it at full speed. I dont know about write speed! Same with Nero Burning Rom, I can not reduce my CD-ROMs speed there on any “Copy (Audio/Data) CD Tabs”, but I can do it on the “Save Tracks”. I am not sure whether Nero is as bug free as it should be…

Regards, oman