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hi im wondering whats the best media to use that will work in all kinds of players for moives? right now i have maxall 4x dvd-r which seem to work good and i got some maxall+r 4x which suck there lighter dye and wont play right and i got some memorex 4x- which seem to work good in my poinner players as well as philips 8x - which plays just like the maxall +'s they suck to i also got some princos -Rs which work good on my pionner players but not on the ps2 so what is the best media u guys found that works for every thing it was thrown at and dose not cost a arm in a leg ?


I use the +R Verbatim’s, using +R’s I am able to use bit-setting opition’s if I want, not sure what you call a arm and a leg but what ever works for you is the best.


That’s player specific. Have a look at www.videohelp.com


o when i said a arm in a leg i mean the cost im looking for some media that works good but dosent cost alot



Verbatim 8x -R’s - 100 cakebox for $30 shipped after $30 MIR-

This is a great price on very good media that should work in most standalones:



ok i will give them a try do u know if they use dark pruple dye or light pruple


That is a popular myth. The color of the dye doesn’t necessarily affect compatibility. If that were the case Ritek G03/G04 would be the undisputed champ. Anyways, I would look into Verbatim and how they honor their rebates. If they are anything like Fuji then I wouldn’t touch them. It’s not a good deal if they screw you over on the MIR. :wink:



I personally have gotten every Amazon sponsered rebate I have ever sent in - so I’m not worried as Amazon is very supportive-



Okay, so the rebate is through Amazon and not Verbatim then?



The rebate is from a processing center in Miami, FL - doesn’t really say if Amazon or Verbatim - but like I said - I have never not gotten any rebate I sent in on Amazon stuff - but it does take about 2 months-



Fair enough. Thanks. :wink: