DVD rot is driving me insane!

I have had some DVDs which are fine one day and then appear warped or surreal the next. Being a newbie, I don’t wish to seem dense, but this distortion is making me insane. What is causing these white or dark rectangular blotches on the disk? Anything I can do about it? PRAYING NEWBIE.

The environment you put the discs in. Direct sunlight, humidity, etc.

It also seems that ultra-cheap-ass media in huge bulk spindles from crappy manfacturers purchased as a bargain for a price that seems to good to be true is more affected than high quality media that costs a lot of money but comes with a guaranteed life span.

Warping or physical distortion is either environmental (heat/humidity/temperature shock) or physical (faulty bonding agent or paper labels, for example). Dark or white rectangular blotches are not distortion. Depending on what they look like, they can be oil stains, contamination in the sputtered alloy, or scratches on the plastic surface that distorted the recording laser. The scratch defects would have shown up immediately after recording, but the oil/contamination problems show up afterwards, sometimes because the heat of the recording laser acts as a catalyst. “DVD rot” is a misnomer and doesn’t really exist.

When you say the DVDs appear warped or distorted, do they just look bad, or do you get bad quality burning when using them?

Sometimes there can be oils etc on the DVD surface which come from the manufacturing plant where they were made - industrial lubricants etc.
If you see this kind of thing, it’s possible to wipe the surface gently with a solvent like iso-propyl on a soft cloth, to remove.

If the DVD surface is actually damaged physically, there’s nothing you can do, except try buying a different brand of media.

Storing any type of media in sunlight is a bad idea, as all dyes are light sensitive and can degrade with exposure.

For some reason, I just don’t trust DVD media no matter how good the discs are. I just leave them on my hard drive instead.