Dvd roms -pc no copy protection? region free?

I was wondering is there any dvd - pc roms that are, or can be flashed to remove copy protection, as well as region free?? I am interested in buying one if so. I bought a dvd stand alone unit for my home that has been modified to have copy protection/region free removed, so that I can archive my purchased dvds onto a vhs tape if needed. I own Alcohol 120% and it will not let me make backups to my hard drive of movies that are copy protected, even though I own them, so My thought is to get a dvd pc drive that removes the protection, so I may archive my purchased dvd movies onto my new 200 gig drive, any info is greatly appreciated, or as an alternative, is there anyway to modify my alcohol 120% to not see the copy protection in my movies so I may make backups?? thanks augie


the inability of alcohol to backup ur dvds is a software limitation, not ur dvd drive’s problem. alcohol detects that the dvd still has CSS protection, so it’ll refuse to back it up. u need a dvd ripping program that will circumvent the protection, such as CladDVD or DVD Decrypter, in order to rip the files to ur hard drive. from there u can do whatever u want with the ripped files.

as for region protection, there are many drives that can be made region free. u can go to The Firmware Page and see which drives are capable of being made region free, either through firmware flashes or with the use of utilities that patch the firmware. a very popular drive is jlms/lite-on’s 166S, which i own myself.