Dvd rom?

This is probably a silly question that I am sure you may answer simply for me.

I a Dell Dimension 3100 computer which I purchased in 2006. The invoice states that I have:

16 x DVD +/-RW + DVD Power Software + Sonic Software for DVD/RW+R (no media)

I have two questions: Should a PC DVD-ROM Game work on this? When I place the DVD ROM in the drive it doesn’t seems to want to run but doesn’t and then doesn’t recognise the disk.

Similarly ordinary film DVD’s are not being recognised.

Any ideas what I may need to do?

I have tried the trouble shooting via the Windows XP help but am getting nowhere.



By way of an update I have managed to get CD ROM Software to work with no problems, so I know the disc drive is working.

Does any one have any ideas or am I trying to use something (PC DVD ROM) that is not compatible with my hardware???

Yes, the drive should read DVDs that you mention. It could be that the DVD part of the drive has gone out. New drives are quite cheap and fairly easy to replace.