Dvd-rom won't read my burnt dvd-r

I recently purchased a dvd burner (lg gsa 4120b), and burnt off some stuff off my hard drive onto a TDK 4x dvd-r as a DVD-ROM(iso), and it says it is all successful.

However when i go to read this dvd-r in my dvd-rom (liteon xj-hd165h) it doesnt read (nothing appears, constantly spins etc). The dvd-r reads perfectly when in the dvd burner though…

I was wondering what i could be doing wrong (maybe its supposed to be this way? :(). Nerotools says that my dvd rom should be able to read dvd-r’s so im quite confused :confused:

please help!! :smiley:

possibly a firmware update needed? could be the TDK media ?