DVD-Rom wont read DVD's

I own a DVD-Rom: HL-DT-ST DVD-Rom GDR8163B

Right so my computer is less than a year old and it has two dvd drives on it - one is just a reader and the other is a re-writer.

Up until about 30mins ago my reader drive was reading DVD’s fine and then suddenly it stopped working. i ejected the disc and put it back in again. the status light goes on and the disc appears to start spinning but then stops.

I went into My computer and other programs and it seems that the drive thinks that there is no disc in there. I have tried restarting my computer, changing the DVD’s that I put in the drive, putting the same DVD’s in the re-writable drive and they have worked, and put CD’s in the reader drive and they have read fine.

I am left with the situation that it appears that my DVD rom reader drive will know not read DVD’s but will read CD’s.

I have tried updating the drivers, unistalling and re-installing the device, cleaning the lense. Just about everything apart from getting the new drivers from the site, but I have tried updating them before and it says that I have the most up to date ones - even if i didnt it wouldnt explain why it works one minute and not the next.

I have also tried starting the computer in safe mode to see if this fixes the problem, seen what the dell/ microsoft support wizards say and nothing seems to be working.

Any help/ suggestions would be much appreciated

EDIT: Please note that I have used the search mode for the site however while i have seen some people have experienced the same problems I feel that I have tried lots more stuff before posting and now am getting desperate! cheers guys

There’s an answer RIGHT ABOVE THIS ONE, so go check that thread out. You’re not alone, but the news isn’t good.

i agree with gurm.

check the other thread. i don’t even know if its worth checking to see if its under warranty still…dvdroms are so cheap nowadays…in fact you can get a good DVD writer for ~$50 (US)

see if the manufacturer will send you a new one…If they try to charge you shipping I’d just say screw it and go out and buy something better.

yer problem is that I don’t know how to take apart the computer and fix it myself, I got it through Dell, should they send out a new one and replace it for me?

the most they will do is send a new one. i don’t know of any warranty plans that will cover someone to come in and replace it so either way you’re about to learn how.

replacing an optical drive is VERY simple. any drive you are sent/buy will come with instructions.

I’d call dell first and see what they’re going to do about it, but a dvd-rom drive is worth NO MORE than around $20 USD.

if they start trying to dick you around with shipping tell them to forget it. i once had something that was still under warranty die and a company was going to charge me to ship the part and also have me pay return shipping on what i was sending back. I told them to forget it since i can buy the part myself for cheaper than the double shipping cost. they tried to threaten me that the warranty would be voided if i didn’t use their parts and i told them who cares since their cheapass warranty was doing me no good anyway if it cost more for a “free” replacement from them than buying the part myself…they quickly got in touch with a manager and arranged for free shipping both ways…

i’m not saying you’ll run into something like that, but it pays to be firm.

like i said…dvd writers can be had relatively inexpensively nowadays so its up to you if you want to waste the time waiting for a dvd-rom to come.

I’m not familiar with dell’s warranty terms so I’d look into that and see what your options are.

yer i have contacted dell and they have said that they will replace the drive. they have given me two options, I can either arrange for them to collect and replace the drive at a repair centre or I can replace the drive myself.

For someone who has no experience taking apart computers and messing with the hardware is this a hard procedure, in short “could a dummie even complete this operation” cheers

yes, a dummy could do it.

there are two plugs and a jumper.

plug in the power cable, plug in the IDE controller, and set the jumper to master or slave (depending on in what position on the controller the drive is)

then you just screw the drive into the bracket and put the cover back on your computer.

now drives come with instructions. if it doens’t just search the internet. It doesn’t even have to be for the same type of drive…they’re all the same (as far as installation goes). I know the hp support site even has videos you can download for some tasks.