DVD Rom Won't Read Discs



My HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H30L use to work perfectly fine when I first got my computer. Now it will only read blank dvd-roms and some dvds. It should/use to read cds and all dvds. I’ve searched on these forums and google for a while and haven’t found any solutions. I updated my driver to the lastest fw but that hasn’t helped at all. Some of the programs I have installed that may be affecting my dvd-rom are iTunes and Nero. I don’t know what else it would be. I also have a few other burning programs such as Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools, Winamp, 1CLICK DVD TO IPOD, DVDFab Plat., and ISO Recorder. I’ve also tried using the drive in Safe Mode but didn’t have any luck there either. Any ideas?
-EDIT- btw I’m on windows XP.


The HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H30L is a DVD-RW drive.
Make sure youhave “hide cd/dvd media” and similar options UNCHECKED in Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools, …


I don’t see that option in either Alcohol or Daemon tools. =(


[QUOTE=c0Ld;2001947]I don’t see that option in either Alcohol or Daemon tools. =([/QUOTE]

Maybe you can try to uninstall those programs and see if you get control back of your drive??? When did this happen or start happening what did you install prior to this problem happening??


The problem started happening a while ago so I don’t remember what I installed around the time it happened. I tried uninstalling daemon tools and alcohol 120% to see if it fixed my problem but it didn’t so maybe its just broken? But if it was how come it can still read blank dvds?


It does not read blank DVD’s. It merely recognizes them. Try restoring back to a date that everything was working. If that helps, notice which progs were installed after that time.


Honestly, thats such a last resort for me its not even worth doing. If the problem started a couple of days ago I would do it in a heartbeat but since it started probably over 6months ago(I’m not sure when, maybe longer ,maybe sooner) I doubt I’ll bother doing it