Dvd rom wont play dvd's



first time to cd freaks hi all
i have went threw 2 dvd rom drives and a pioneer 107d in 4 weeks all drive will play cd’s put wont even look at a dvd copy or orginal
the dvd roms were brand new the pioneer was 6 months old
can any one help is it my pc my system or a ide problem help please!!! :confused: :confused:


Do you have DVD software like Power DVD in your PC? If you don’t have a software DVD player then it won’t play them.


If you don’t have acceses to a player I think you can download the
Interactual Player (excuse spelling) for free.


sorry i should have said the dvd roms played dvd one day then just stopped reading dvd’d just realy weird as i said my pioneer 107 was working fine then wont reconise a dvd
by the wasy i am moving to calgary form edinburgh in scotland this year small world lol
see ya


Wow thats going to be a big change in scenary. Welcome to CD freaks and Calgary as well. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your DVD player software,


thanks. ye i have reinstalled power dvd and nero burning rom deinstalled the drives too just wont read dvds any more??? can somthing in my pc be burning the dvd laser out fast??like a lot of heat in the system or a faulty ide cable maybe a faulty motherboard what make the drive stop working with dvd so really fast??


Anything is possible I guess. Will Nero let you do a read test on the DVD If so try and do one, see if it reads, it will help to troubleshoot software/ hardware issues


Multiple burn applications in the PC can cause similar conflict. Try the optical drive with another PC. It it works, then the easiest solution is to wipe the hard drive and reload windows with the optical drive connected to the PC.