DVD-ROM with RAW READ function

I need to buy a new dvd-rom drive that can do properly the RAW READ function. I prefer SCSI and silent drives (Pioneers are way too loud for me).

I need this because I want to play my audio cds so that the data is read via the PCI bus and sent to the audio cards DACs instead of the dvd-roms DACs. I’ll be using the CD Reader Plugin for WinAmp to do this.

I have already tried both my Plextor CD-R PX-W124TS and PX-32TS on this plugin and both report “RAW_READ function not supported” although W124TS is supported by CloneCD for both read/write RAW.

So, how do I know FOR SURE that the dvd-rom drive I buy will support RAW_READ function?

Help me out if you can, I’m at ropes ends here.

PS also, If anybody knows how to configure WinAmp to pipe the UNdecoded mp3 data to the sound card so that the sound card can send it to it’s spdif output, I’d be happy to hear about that too :slight_smile:

Elaboratebytes.com hardware page had a listing of Toshiba dvd-rom drives that support reading raw data off audio and data discs. http://www.elby.de/CloneCD/english/hardware.htm

Toshiba drives are not howeve very fast at DAE nor are they particularly silent.

So, I’m wondering if the reasonably fast, cool and very silent Hitachi GD-7500 (which has digital audio out!) has RAW Read function?

If somebody has this drive, could they try it out with the CD Reader plugin from http://www.url.ru/~copah/CDReader.htm and tell me if it works with that drive.


Bought and tested a Hitachi GD-7500 DVD-ROM:

  • VERY quiet (definitely more quiet than even Toshiba drives,
    Pioneer DVD-drives are like space rockets when compared to
    the whisper of the Hitachi)

  • Runs very cool (doesn’t warm up at all)

  • Plays audio CD’s via PCI bus using ASPI protocol with
    the CD Reader plugin for Winamp, but NOT using Windows
    Media Player 7

  • DAE extraction quality is 10 (with CD Dae 99)

  • DAE speed is 13x - 17x

  • on my 1,3Ghz Thunderbird I can rip/encode on the
    fly with Lame 3.89 DLL (VBR, Q0, JS) at c. 9-11 x speed

  • Copies sub-channel data without problems in CloneCD
    (latest version). Tried it on my SD2 protected Black &
    White original and it copied it in 18 minutes with no
    complaints. Image burned and ran ok on my Plextor
    12x4x32x SCSI burner.

So, this looks like it’s a keeper.