DVD-ROM will not play movies

I recently installed a Sony DRU-500a burner to my computer system. It is updated with firmware version 1.0f and the PC runs Windows 2000 SP3. I own a Pioneer DVD-106 player which is also installed on the system. The DVD-ROM is hooked up to the first IDE channel as master and the Sony burner is hooked up to the second IDE channel as master. My hard drives are hooked up to a RAID card, so they don’t use any IDE channels.

Anyhow, my Pioneer drive worked fine, but now it will not play copyrighted DVDs. It will read audio-CDs, burnt CDs, burnt DVDs (data), but it will not read anything that is copyrighted. I tried loading a video-DVD of Rurouni Kenshin, but it did not load. The DVD-ROM just spit the media out. I made a video-DVD clip of a movie onto a DVD+RW disc and it played and autoloaded on the Sony, but it would not be read by the Pioneer. I assume the DVD+RW disc was copyrighted since I believe the software used to burn the movie copyrights the disc by default.

I can’t figure this thing out. It just won’t load up my DVDs. Very frustrating. I’d rather not play movies or anything on the Sony drive. I would like to use it only for burning since I figure it will help the drive’s longevity this way. Please help.