DVD ROM: Which one to buy LITEON/SAMSUNG?

hi there
well iam from india
i subscriber of a technology magazine called DIGIT
now they are giving the readers a DVD DRIVE offer
they will be giving us the folowing drives at a discounted rate

LITEON XJ-HD166S for Rs. 1350 i.e 30$
SAMSUNG SD-616E for Rs 1400 i.e 31$
now the price is not at all the factor

well my question is
which one in your view would be a good drive ?
my usage would be to watch movies and use it as a normal Drive
and would be also venturing into ripping movies cause i have a CD writer
another fact is that the liteon drive sipports Dual Format DVD’s while the samsung doesnt
is this format Necessary
so please do help
thanks in advance

p.s this is my very 1st post so if any mistakes hope you dont mind :slight_smile:

Neither. I would get the Lite-On SOHD-167T. This is the replacement for the XJ-HD166S. I have a 166S and it is great and there is a lot of hacked firmware for it out there. But the new 167T will read DVD+R DL discs as well.

thanks for the help but this is the only Liteon DVD drive we getting here in india
tell me does it read Dual layer Format dvd’s
please do reply

Have a look here: