DVD-ROM to go with GSA-4163B


I bought the GSA-4163B and so far only good things to say about it.
I now want to add a DVD-ROM to shorten the overall burning process.
Can you help me in picking one up.
I’m looking for a DVD-ROM that has good copy protection reading capabilities as the 4163B and is quality reliable.
I’ve read some threads and came up with 2 names: Aopen 1648 AAP & Toshiba 1612, 1712. What do you think of these drives? What about the GDR-8163B? Any good?

Thanks for the support.


Do you want one that can read DVD-RAM also?

Because your LG GSA-4163B can write to that and not a lot DVD-ROM’s can read DVD-RAM.

If you want a DVD-ROM that also can read DVD-RAM I would say: Lite-On 166S (not the 167T) or a Toshiba SD-M1912.

DVD-RAM reading is not mandatory.
Protected discs and quality are the 2 main items I’m looking for.
After this, do you still recommend the Lite-On 166S (hard to find at the moment, only 167T) and the SD-M1912 (better than the 2 I mentioned below?)?



The AOpen doesn’t read DVD-RAM (which the 4163B can read and write). I own the Toshiba 1612 and I love it (after flashing a patched firmware: http://hijacker.rpc1.org/toshiba_nolimit/ which increases the drive’s reading speed). The noise level is ok and the drive is reliable. I know a number of people (including myself) that have been using these drives for some years without any quirks. I can’t say too much about coping with copy-protection, but I remember it received a high rating from the people who made CloneCD at the time I bought it.You will have to buy a second-hand drive, though, as they’re not sold any more. The newer Toshiba drives starting with 1812 are average to crap, the 1912 is certainly better than the 1812.

From what I have heard or read, the AOpen is an excellent drive, too. I have no first-hand experience with it, though. There are many other versions of this drive that
do not have much in common with the AAP version, but you seem to know that.

Both Toshiba 1612 and Lite-On 166S have been the most popular dedicated DVD-ROM drives @CDFreaks. For myself, I would just use any DVD writer as DVD-ROM reader.

Kenshin, If I take your advice and buy another Writer and if I’m looking for a reliable and goog protection reader this would mean I should buy another 4163B (or 4160B), right?