Dvd-rom to dvd-rw?

after seeing all the stuff about flashing the firmware on liteon drive to upgrade them, i was wondering…

could i flash the firmware on my toshiba dvd/cd-rw combo sd-r1002 to make it a dvd writer?

theoreticallay, since it can heat the laser hot enough to burn a cd, couldn’t it heat the surface of a dvd to do the same? and b/c it can read dvds, it knows the laser wavelength for the dvd format.

Coreect me if im wrong.


oops i guess i posted int he wrong spot. SHould’ve been in the general hardware question section sorry

You can convert one drive into another if their hardware is the same. So you would have to find a dvd-rw writer with the same hardware as your drive, and I’m sure that it doesn’t exist.

well then i’ll keep looking but i guess i won’t find anything thankas anyway thoguh

No you cant turn your dvd rom in to a dvd writer :open_mouth:
There is more to it than just a laser heating a disk.