DVD-ROM that reads all DVD-formats!

All right I’ve search, but couldn’t find anything.

I’m looking for a DVD-ROM that reads: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM (and ofcourse CD-R & CD-RW!).

I know the Lite-On 166S can do this, but that has been replaced by the 167T, which can’t read DVD-RAM.

The Toshiba SD-M1912 can read all formats.

Does anyone know such a drive from Lite-On, Asus, Pioneer that’s still being sold (in the Netherlands) and if possible a link to a review of the drive?

The 166s is no longer sold in your country/area? :eek:

Well I checked a few stores and they all replaced it by the 167T! :frowning:

Did you try ebay?

I just bought a 166s for $23 shipped

Excellent drive