DVD-Rom suggestion

I’m considering buying a new dvd-rom but i need to consider some things.Accurate and fast reading of the discs,without causing any harm to the disc,and i want it to have a slot where you insert and eject the disc,rather than have the classical bay where you place the disc.

Can you suggest something based on these requirements?

thank you.

Just off the top of my head …Plextor made them years ago but they were burners i believe.

No i wouldn’t bother with burners,just a reader,so you dont recall any such product as of late?

First we got to make sure such a type exist and then of course we’ll have to consider the reading times and the quality.

So guys what do you say.Does anything come to mind?Come on this forum is the best when it comes to this stuff,i’m sure that you’ll come through! :slight_smile:

You might look for a slim drive like for a lappy. Maybe someone else will post.

I’m currently looking for slim drives.

From this page http://www.sonynec-optiarc.eu/en/marketing-services/picture-library/dvd-rw2

is AD-7630A / AD-7633A model what i’m describing?I cant make for sure but i think it is.

EDIT:I found 2 g models and i cant make out if these are as well



The NEC is confirmed to be slot-type,but i dont like the appearance compared of course with lg,which i still dont know the type.

Are the lg drives i posted slot type dvd-roms?

If not then how can i connect a slim drive via usb on a computer?