Dvd-rom speed specifications



hi, first time i’ve been on the forum. thank you in advance for any information. i am new to replacing hardware on computers. i purchased the 321 studios x copy platinum software in 2004 and it worked unbelievably well. however, the computer it was installed in died. i picked up a refurbished ibm 2.4 gig. desktop and installed the sony dru-500 ax into the second drive. i reloaded the software for the 321 platinum and it didn’t work and found out they were out of business. i recently purchased the next copy ultimate software and copied and burned an 8 gig movie onto a 4.7 gig rw blank. it took one hour to copy and one hour to burn. the company suggested i download the necessary plugins and it should work faster. i did that AND i also used a write only blank. the copy time was still an hour but the burn time went down to 15 minutes. i seem to remember the entire copy/burn time for the 321 software as around 35 or 40 minutes. SO, I WAS WONDERING perhaps the dvd-rom drive that is in the ibm might be a little slow compared to the lg rom drive that was in my other puter. the dvd-rom drive in the ibm is model: XJ-HD165H. (sorry, there is no brand name listed on the drive, perhaps because it was installed in the ibm factory) . on the top of the unit it states that that it is a 16x/48x speed ide hh dvd drive. the data transfer rate for the lg is listed as: dvd-rom max-16x-speed: 22,100kb/sec. correct me if i am wrong but the 2 units appear to be the same so it appears i would be gaining nothing swapping them out OR is there additional upgrades in the lg that would make it faster than the xj. so , after reading all of this , if you are still with me, my question is: is there any difference between the model XJ-HD165H dvd-rom drive and the LG model: GDR-8161B dvd-rom drive.
my second question: in your opinion, is the dual layer copy and burn technology in the new rom and rewritable internal drives worth the investment or is best to stick to the single layer, compress it, and burn the typical 7 or 8 gig movies to the typical 4.7 gig blanks. thank you again for your time.


overall in my opinion dvd readers are roughly the same (get some other people’s opinion’s though before doing anything :wink: )… should be no drastic differences in reading abilities if the disc are in decent shape (i.e. minimal to no scratches) and the burn quality is decent… cause i suppose that if your dvd’s burning quality is questionable that could potentially cause big difference in reading time.

as far as the ‘dual layer’ question… unless you NEED DVD+R DL discs (i.e. for something like XBox360 etc) overall i would just ‘compress and use 4.7GB discs’ since it’s alot cheaper and quality aint that much of a difference… cause your looking at about 30cents a disc (or less) for Verbatim DVD+R vs roughly $1.50 a disc for dual layer.

all in all though… you can get a pretty good all around burner/reader right this moment on newegg.com for $19.99 out the door … http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827106228

also a word of advice… burn your 4.7GB DVD discs @ 8x (no more than 12x) if you want to keep quality of the burns high especially if you got a slightly older burner… but generally speaking 8x burning speed on anything 8x certified or higher is a safe bet overall.

also, buy either Verbatim DVD+R (16x certified) discs or TY (Taiyo Yuden) DVD+R (8x certified) discs if you want quality discs that will last a while… most people in these forums will agree with that comment :wink:

also nowadays the best software for backing up DVD Movies is either … DVDFab or Slysoft’s ANYDVD. (ANYDVD + CloneDVD is a good combo)


thank you for the information. i don’t need the dual layer technology as you described it. also, thanks for the tip on the media brand. i take it you are not a fan of the copy technology i was talking about. as i said, i downloaded the plugins and used a dvd write only for burning and it cut the burn time to about 15 min. the question i still have is the first process. this software “copies” the dvd onto a “temporary file” on the harddrive. then it burns onto the dvd blank. when it was in the “copy” mode, i clicked on a link to monitor the progress, it said it was copying at the rate of 1x. does this speed sound normal to you. obviously, this is why it takes an hour to copy an 8 gig movie. to my knowledge, there is no provision in the software to adjust the “copy” speed. do those other 2 software programs copy at a higher speed?



As usual [B]NBR[/B] has provided excellent advice in both the burner recommendation and the media advised and the speed-

DVDFab is an excellent all-in-one two click program that will give you an almost perfect copy on single layer media in 10 to 20 minutes and costs about $40 for the 'Gold" version.

AnyDVD is purely a encryption overriding program and requires separate compression and writing programs and also sells for around $40-eh!!

(I have been a fully satisfied user of DVDFab Gold for over two and half years)


i am asking what i thought was a pretty straight forward question about copying speed averages. all i get is jibberish about downloading some xyz software. i don’t want anybody else’s software, i have software, it works fine. all i want to know is , does it sound normal for a 7.5 gig movie to take about 1 hr to copy to harddrive using a typical dvd-rom rated at maximum of 16x. it appears it was copying at 1x. it wasn’t possible to control the copy speed on this software and what i understand you can’t manually control copy speed of a dvd-rom when you are copying it to harddrive. that’s all i want to know. one simple answer to one simple question. if you don’t know, please don’t offer. thank you very much. ( i have just been on the phone with motorola about a bluetooth and was transferred 5 times and i had to get a supervisor who is going to send me a later model for free, needless to say i am on my last nerve)


WOW, YOUSE GUYS IS TOUGH! i get a little abrupt because no one answers a question directly and you choose to ignore me. remember joe friday on dragnet: “just the facts, maam”. apparently, dvdnextcopy is a pariah around here and real geeks don’t touch that software. that’s cool. i prefer to pay for my software, i guess i am different. have a nice day.

            DVDneXTCOPY Ultimate V3 is excellent software. Just my geeky opinion.;)