DVD-ROM Speed Help

I want to buy a game that requires a certain DVD-ROM speed on my computer (8x). How do I figure out what the speed of my DVD-ROM is? (I am using Windows 98)

what brand and model is the burner? you can check the specs page on the manufacturer’s website if it’s still up there or you can run nero infotool and that will tell you everything you need to know and more.

what are the other requirements for the game and what are your system specs? if you’re running an older system, the dvd-rom speed is probably not your only concern.

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thanks…nero info-tool worked

my problem is that i have two computers: one a dell w/all the equipment needed to run the game except a DVD-ROM drive, and one the IBM w/ Windows 98 w/ a DVD-ROM but not much else…

is there a way that i can switch the IBM DVD-ROM drive (built into the computer; or, it was there when i bought it) with the CD-ROM drive in my Dell ? Or do i just need to buy a seperate DVD-ROM drive and hook it up to the Dell ?

Nope, you could do that.

Find out what kind of drive it is and give it a Google, you should be able to find the speed. www.rpc1.org is also a good place to look.

Just post the drives name here.