Dvd rom speed "commonly needed"

I am in need of some firmware for a drive, I havnt specified a specific drive yet as it is debatable as to which may be the most suitable for the application, I need to replace the dvd/cd loader in a dvd player, the origonal rom drive is no longer available DVS DSL-710A http://www.dvs.co.kr/project/english/product/710a.htm
as you can see the rotational speeds are very slow comparecd to any computer rom on the market, this is done to achieve a low mechanical audiability, many players have this or similar rom such as Arcam, Meridian, Apex and others, It appears that any atapi drive will function in these players and guides exist on how to acheive this but the results will yeild noisy playback due to rotation speed, so what I need is a firmware to modify a decent dvd rom to slow its read speed to a more sensible speed for the application (2-5x or so), a requirement is for the rom to be rpc1 as the region is controlled by the main processor in the player, looking for a quality drive, was thinking of say ASUS E616-P3 as it looks like a quality drive with available rpc1 firmware.
please help me and many others please please
Thank you for your time.


A Liteon drive may be speed-patchable using OmniPatcher. I’ve used it yo tweak a combo drive myself (5232K up to 12x read on burned media), but it appears you can also tweak downward for pressed media.

Thank you for the reepo
Looks like just what I was looking for, my mother always taught me I want dont get, just proved that one wrong, Im off to hunt down the best compatable dvd-rom, I will be sure and post the results here,
Thanks again

Looks like the RPC setting is a seperate utility, so you would need to speedpatch, flash and RPC disable the drive on a PC, before installing.

Or see this topic, for low noise RPC1 for Samsung SH-D612D

unfortunately omnipatcher is only for dvd, i need for both dvd and cd
please help!