DVD-Rom recommendation

I’m in the market for a new DVD-ROM drive to replace my dying XJ-HD-166S Liteon. What DVD-ROM would you recommend?

Also too, I already have a DVD-burner

Was unable to get liteon dvd drive in my area and replaced with
AOpen DVD-1648 Chameleon 16x DVD-ROM so far pleased with drive,very fast ripper.

Lite-ON 166 or 167

The AOpen 1648 AAP would be my first choice, the Liteon 167T next, and the Pioneer 109 burner, flashed to A09 last. Avoid the new Liteon Model SOHD-16P9SBLK until Codeguys determine whether the firmware can have the riplock removed.

AOpen spin up backups of Safedisc 4.0? The Litey 166 and 167 blazin’ fast dvd rippers, great DAE extraction with great quality. The Litey 166 model is by far the better DVD-ROM, reads Safedisc blazin’ fast :iagree:

Yup my drive can read a full SafeDisc disk in 20 mins @ 4x.


I live in Greece and the only place where i can find aopen is here --> http://www.mgmanager.gr/view.asp?ID=2209
Is this the correct model?
I currently have a TSST TS-352A which really sucks!!! It reads DVD-+R SL discs at 2-5x!!!
Pressed SL discs are being ripped up to 16x, but not the DL.
Should I hope for a patch? This drive features a mediatek chipset…
I want a drive tha can rip DL (and SL of course) as fast as it gets!
PIE/PIF scans would be more than welcome, but not necessary (thanks to NEC 3520)
Any recommendations?
Any greek fellows out there? :slight_smile:

Later versions of Safedisc can be read at fast speeds, however newer versions are recommended to be read at lowers speeds. I didn’t ask how fast the AOpen can read Safedisc 4.0. I ask if the AOpen can actually spin up a backup of Safedisc 4.0. If so then the drive is just as good as the Lite-ON 166s, but a touch better than the Lite-ON 167.

I want a drive tha can rip DL (and SL of course) as fast as it gets!
PIE/PIF scans would be more than welcome, but not necessary (thanks to NEC 3520)
Any recommendations?
Any greek fellows out there?

Plextor PX-716A or BenQ 1640
Ripping DVD-Video - Dual Layer


1st look at BenQ 1640

LiteOn SOHD-167T can be flashed so that the drive can read 16X DVD SL media and 10X for DL. The region free option is also available.
Liteon SOHD-167T firmware support:

It looks like it as the Chamelion model is usually the 1648 AAP and Multicolor sound similar. Just specify AAP. the Pro model is also fine. Neither requires any firmware hacks.

According to this review --> http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=12608
only pressed discs are being ripped up to 16x/12x for SL/DL discs respectively.
The recordables are riplocked at about 8x. Is that true? :frowning:
I’m interested in full speed for recordables also…

If you want full speed for _R and +R discs you have to go to NEC 35XX series, but you won’t get nearly the speed of the AOpen on DL discs.

I just purchased the LiteOn SOHD-16P9S. I should get it this week. I’m hoping it’s a good drive.

It should be a good reader but it will be speedlocked and there is no speed patch as yet. The codeguys said it is a totally different hardware setup from prior Liteons. We will have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

I contacted the retailer for the Aopen and I was told that it is not available yet.
ASUS E616 has the same chipset (ALi). Is it the same hardware as Aopen?
The only problem is that I have a black case… :frowning:

Based on the tests I have seen the ASUS E616P2 has DL and burned DVD rip speeds just slightly slower than the AOpen 1648 AAP. I would say it is a viable alternative.

I’ve just got AOPEN 1648 AAP/PRO (for 28 euros :P), it shipped with the 1.00 firmware.
Which one is the latest to upgrade?
I’ve searched aopen’s site, but I didn’t find anything…


For the fastest and best read/rip speed - you want to update to version 1.2 - available here:


Happy Burnin’


Sorry, which the difference between AOPEN 1648 AAP/PRO & Aopen 1648/aap ?