DVD-Rom reader, which is the best?



I have a batch of not-so-good quality DVD-R backup of movie, some of them is unreadable using 2yr old PIONEER DVD-ROM, I’m now need to buy a good reader.
Any suggestion? Only reading ability is concern, other feature is good to have, Also I’m planning to got a new NEC 3520A which is not a really good reader I heared so far, is it any good compare to BENQ 1620 pro?


Check this:




If you are looking for drive that has excellent error correction I’m recomending LG GDR-8163B. I’ve also some DVD-R disc that were recorded before a few months and I wasn’t able to read them with any DVD drive I was trying and that includes DVDRW Plextor Px-712A, Pioneer 108, LG 4163B and my old BENQ DVD-ROM. Then I bought LG8163B and he reads them without any problems!!. When I scanned those discs for PI/PO errors (with my Plextor PX-712A writer) it never could finish because there was too many errors (PIE over 1500).
I must warn you that this drive has excellent reading abilities but is also very slow (if you consider that it is 16x DVD-Rom) in reading of recorded DVD’ s (DVD+R and DVD-R). It’s average reading speed for DVDR is about 3.5-4x. In Nero CD-DVD Speed test it start at 2.5x and finishes at about 5x.
For DVD-ROM speeds are much higher, it starts at 6x and finishes at 16x.
So if you are looking for very fast DVD-ROM, skip this one but if you are looking for DVD-ROM that can read almost any DVD (in my experince), then this is the drive that you need.


Start out with good media and you don’t have to rely on the DVD ROM to decypher garbage.


I had a chance to compare:
Liteon 165,166,167
Toshiba (newest model)
Asus E616-P2
Pioneer 106D (used as a reader)
Pioneer DVD-305S SCSI

The fastest and most reliable was Asus.


Thanks alot for yr info, a phase from the 5th element…“Time is not a problem…”. Yes, I know good media is the way to go, but I’m now go back in time to correct historical problem.


i like my lite-on 832s, i reads a lot of the my old stuff that i burned very poorly