DVD-ROM reader suggestions

It looks like it’s time to retire my old Litey DVD-ROM (see rig below in sig) I use for ripping. I had it for many years and used to get great speeds off of it but now it has lowered to about 4-5x. Further it has been choking on copying some basic unportected titles lately, so i think it’s days are truley numbered.

I am looking for a drive for fast but accurate ripping capability of DVD video’s for my backups of movies. Also, if any drive is particularly good are ignoring protections thats a plus, my litey now has actually ignored just about every protection I seen others to report problems with.

I do not care if it’s loud because I do not watch DVD’s on my PC I use for burning.

Please post all suggestions and thanks in advance. :wink:

edit i just realised u said DVD-R0M so not a burner, i dont think anyone these days bothers with dvd rom drives as they arent really worth it when you can get a dvd burner that does so much more for a very good price, or is that just me being ignorant?

Well start by telling us your budget, if you prefer to buy on line or in a store, if you need Disc quality scanning etc. The burners that do QS scanning are NEC, LITEON, Pioneer, Sony, BenQ, plextor etc. Tell us what burner brand you’d prefer as well.

Have you had a look at the reviews??? If you are looking for a good ripper then the BenQ 1650 or 1655 (the 1655 can do lightscribe) is a good choice. Here is a link to a review of the 1655; http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=16050

If it was up to me, if money were no object I’d go for a plextor, but as money is, I would get the 1650, Pioneer 111, dru-820. They are all quite fast when it comes to reading SL and DL discs.

For ripping…I’d get another Litey if I was in your shoes. My Liteys are burners, but I’m pretty fond of them as far as ripping goes. :slight_smile:

Good job you said “I don’t care if it’s loud” :bigsmile:

Hi :slight_smile:
They’re becoming thin on the ground nowadays. How about the Asus DVD-E616P1. That’s a popular choice of what’s available. Although like Arachne suggests maybe another Lite-On DVDRW tweaked primarily for ripping.

I luv’d the Litey I have now, I had it OC’d to 12x ripping and it is solid. The reason for a seperate ripper from my burner is to elongate the lifespan of the burner and not put all my eggs in one basket. If any one device dies I have the other to rely on till I get a replacement (redundancy purposes).

My budget… well, DVD-ROM’s are generally cheap, so my budget I guess is $60 but I am quite flexible on it.

I am just looking for a fast ripper, and stand alone DVD-ROM’s are much faster than burner drives at ripping from what I am seeing so far.

I will check the ASUS mentioned, any other propsals?

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve found BenQ DVDRW drives the fastest with MCSE readspeed box ticked (Almost 16x with DL pressed disc). Until recently had no problems either. But then a DVD purchase threw that out the window. None of my BenQs could cope, the Plextor 716 managed just & very slowly. My Lite-On whilst not the quickest took it in it’s stride. How about a Lite-On SOHD-16P9S. They’re still around. In the UK that is.I know yor the other side of the pond, but it’s easier for me to do a local search.
Did find this.

zeb, retry that benq 1650 with a very bad disk and dvdd set for 4x read

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes, I’ve seen a post elsewhere suggesting this & it does work. I’ve been amazed how folk write off BenQ cause it struggles to rip @ 15x +. Then say how their drive riplocked to say less than 8x. Will sail through. In my previous post I’m trying to suggest a combination of speed & realibility. In this I believe the Lite-On to have the edge, with the odd difficult disc.