DVD-ROM reader choice question

I have the Lite-on 832S but I want a dedicated DVD reader. I’ve been reading in this forum and it seem like the AOpen 1648/AAP is the fastest DVD reader but there seems to be issues with DVDShrink? How about DVD Decrypter? I want to be able to backup my DVD collection so would AOpen be the best choice or the Liteon 165S / 166S / 167T.
Thanks guys!

I have Liteon 166S, it can rip DVD movies > 8X using DVDDecrypter.

Toshiba M1712 with rip-lock firmware and it will rock

get the Toshiba SD-M1912. with its stock firmware its a very slow but also very good reader. i had before the 1712 with patched firmware, now its in my secondary pc that i use only for gong online. as the 1912 is a very new drive there aren’t any modified firmwares. but this will change in some weeks (i hope).

This thread might be of interest (Aopen 1648/AAP). And no, there are no “issues with DVD Shrink”, I don’t know where you got that from. This drive works perfectly with both DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink.

hmm, quick question to the people with LiteOn readers: Can you guys use your machines for C2/PIF/POF scans? Are the results as reliable as they are with a DVD writer?


So Toshiba 1712 is a better choice than aopen 1648/aap??

Both drives, Toshiba 1712 and Aopen 1648 AAP are very fast. These two drives are the best on the market, I think. But the Aopen is faster than the Toshiba.