Dvd rom quit need to play disc



hey fellas, I bought Age of Mythology from walmart for $9.99 :cool: the other day and I am wanting to play the game on my laptop. Problem is that my toshiba laptop dvd-rom decided to die on me so I have no cd-rom. I have tried daemon tools to make a backup image of my game but it doesn’t seem to work. I know it has safedisc 2.7 protecting it. I can’t seem to find a way to make an image of the disc that will actually work and not ask “Please insert disc 1”. I own the discs, cd-key, and documentation and the only thing i want to do is play it on my laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Only legal suggestions please. I’m not interested in cracks or anthing of that nature. Thanks in advance!


How are you going to get it onto your laptop at all, without having a working cd drive?

I suggest you contact the manufacturer of the game, and ask them about getting a downloaded version of the game…


In terms of getting the data onto the laptop:

You can use Alcohol’s iSCSI or you can share the cd images over the network and mount to a virtual drive directly from a network share. And the other obvious methods of permanently transferring the images to the laptop of course.