DVD rom problems

Okay, my Liteon DVD Burner is acting up.

I’ll put in CD #1, and it’ll run just dandy.

I open up my drive, and my PC freezes :sad:

This happens with all my CDs, so i know it’s not a problem with a certain CD or anything. It’s making it impossible for me to install any new games or anything.

hhmmm sounds like u need 2 try a system restore to a ealier date how long has this gone on? :confused:

Well my PC has just recently been put together(not quite a month). THe problem came up once when it was first put together…and it’s been about 3 weeks since then, and i have not had that problem at all, until last night. :frowning:

But now it’s constantly freezing when i put in a disc and open up the drive.