DVD-ROM Problem

Hi…I read the DVD ROM FAQ, and didn’t understand it a bit…lol

My cd-writable drive is working fine. I can play cd’s on it, and burn cd’s on it. My dvd rom USED to work, but is not working for some reason. I bought a cd that cleans the lense for cd, dvd, cd-r, cd-rw, cd-rom, and it worked fine for my cd-rw…but, my dvd-rom is not even reading that. I did the driver check, and the device check, and the device check says that there are no problems with the device. Can anyone help me please? I have an HP Pavillion 563w (Desktop) it came with BOTH drives. And, I’m using Windows XP…thanks for your help.

Byw hat means is the DVD-Rom not working?
Completely dead no lights?
Cant read discs or specific media type discs?
Won’t spin up?

Can you elaborate on how exactly it doesn’t work?

Offhand note… check DMA settings

it tries to spin, and then keeps quitting. The light comes on. But, it keeps saying, “Please insert disc” it’s not reading it.

I don’t know what dma is, or how to check it, and I have already tried cleaning the drive/lense, but, it won’t even read that disc…