Dvd rom problem

I have just done a format and reinstall of windows xp pro.Now my dvd rom won’t run programs on cd or dvd. It will play dvd movies and cd’s with mp3’s on though.Its a Matshita sr 8585. I get an error message:-exception eabstract error in module start.exe at 000091d5 abstract error. But sometimes I get a different error message :- cannot run 16-bit programs insufficent memory.

Can it read data cd’s?

Does it fail only to install software, if so, all or any software, or just a specific program install gave you this error?

Check to make sure DMA mode is enabled?

I have a lot of software on dvd roms that come with pc magazines.it is these discs that it wont play. DMA is enabled.

Dvd rom is working ok now. I installed latest via 4-in-1 drivers.

I could only get it to work by putting it in PIO mode, now it wont play dvd films, they run very slow .

PIO has a very slow transfer rate. You can only watch films (smoothly) with DMA (Direct Memory Access) enabled. Try removing the VIA 4 in 1 drivers. Remove the channel that the DVD-ROM drive is on from device manager. Restart the computer and let the drive and channel be re-detected.

Hopefully that should solve the problem.


I enabled dma mode and dvd’s still play slowly. I had a look in device maager at my dvd roms drivers and one says - system32/DRIVERS/cdrom .sys is this not supposed to be a dvdrom driver ?

Is DMA enabled in the BIOS aswell as in Windows?

How do I do that Chrisso

When you first start your computer, it will say “Press DEL to enter setup”. Press delete when it says that.

When in the BIOS look for something related to IDE configuration. In there, change the transfer method (would it be transfer method?) to UDMA…

Not exactly sure of how to do this as I have never had to do this myself. Somebody else can probably help you in more detail.

cdrom.sys is supposed to be loaded for a dvdrom drive.

Its just a generic system file that is loaded for an optical disk drive

I looked in bios and found dma/master, is that what you mean ?
i enabled it but it still gives me error in dma bmode.