Dvd-rom problem

I’ve had a Toshiba 10x/40x DVD-ROM for about 2 years now. About a year after I got it, I started having this bizarre problem. Whenever a CD was in the tray, the drive would just randomly pop open. Sometimes if I closed the tray it would just pop back open again. Occasionally the computer wouldn’t be able to locate the drive at all, and sometimes it would but it would not register a CD in the tray. The frequency of these problems increased until I finally just gave up and replaced it with a CD-RW drive.

I still have the Toshiba drive, so I was just wondering if any of you might know what problem(s) it is that plague me with it?

I had this same problem with a Memorex drive. This pc had a burnt out power supply along with 7 other computers with burnt out ps from the same costumer. My guess is that the drive sustained a power spike. They are so cheap I just chucked it into my ever increacing bone pile. Don’t fix…just replace.