DVD-ROM performance comparison?

Recently I have decided to upgrade my 8x DVD reader to a 16x. I was wondering what the absolute best performing drive on the market is, and I am willing to spend $200.00 on a solid, DVD-ROM reading machine! My current 8x reader benching slow speeds, so I want to get the top of the line and best reader I can find. Is there anywhere that compares the best DVD-ROM drives currently on the market that shows their benchmark results? Does anyone know firsthand what the best performing DVD-ROM drive is at this time?

Hi and be welcome!

$200 for a DVDROM drive? Wow that one must be made of gold. No really, these drives aren’t very expensive nowadays. You can get a good drive for just $30 or so, that’s not too much eh?

I’d recommend a LiteOn DVDROM (165 or 166 series) as they are very good alrounders (DAE, copy protections etc etc) and fairly priced. Besides that, the latest models by Asus seem to be doing quite well.
Another good drive was the Toshiba SD-M1712, but it’s getting replaced by the 1812 right now, and that drive isn’t really worth the slightly higher price (it handles less disc types than the LiteOn does).

If you want to find out lots of details on drives, just look up what models are available in your store(s) and do a search on our forums on those models.

Well good luck and let us know if there are any questions!

I can definately recommend the Asus drives.:bigsmile:

A DVD reader, not a writer? Will you have any needs for ripping DVD movie files(VOB files), or is this just to watch movies?

If its for simple needs like watching movies the speed shouldn’t really concern you, a 2x DVD-ROM would suffice such a need, in such a case go with whatever is cheaper, I think you can still get 4x DVD-ROMS that are new.

Good brands are Lite-on and ASUS(reliability, tolerable of scratches and good for tolerability of game protections).

As you can see from my rig I personally am a Lite-on fan because of all the proprietary tools like KProbe and the Region free utility.:stuck_out_tongue:

The actual purpose of the DVD reader would be to actually rip DVD discs onto the hard drive. This is something that I do alot of, and Data Transfer is my primary concern. It sounds like the Lite On’s are the best ones to go for, if anything else pops into mind, plz let me know.


Not to sound like a stuck record, but make sure to have a look into getting an Asus drive!!:bigsmile:

I’m going to buy a NEC 2500 burner. People say it’s a perfect writer, but a really picky reader, so i decided to buy a DVD-ROM in addition. (right now i have only a CDRW drive). LiteOn seems to be the best choise - they read very good and have many interresting features like testing media for errors etc.
Because I don’t like noise, and don’t really need 16x reading speed, i was looking for the older, slower & cheaper LiteOns on ebay.
What i found was LTD-122. But i had no chance to find any info about this drive. DVD-ROM section on the official site is under construction :frowning:
Maybe someone here has experience with LTD-122. What I need to know is:

  1. Does it read all media types like ±R ±RW?
  2. Does it have the same reading quality as the newer LiteOns?
  3. Which features are missing compared to the newer drives?

Thanx in advance :wink:

Chriso, duely noted man. I guess i shouldn’t get stuck on the LiteOn drive, i’ll be sure to check out the ASUS ones too. I am only worried about buying a slow performing reader, as ripping DVD’s consists of about 3 hours of my day. Also, the reader will definitely help with Disc to Disc copies as far as less underrun errors and stuff. Thanks for your help guys, i’ll let you know what my final decision is and the goods on the drive when i get it!


OH, i meant to add this to my previous reply. Is there anywhere that i can find a benchmark comparison for the LiteOn and the Asus drives? I would like to see their performance graphs, purely out of curiosity. Maybe you too wouldn’t mind doing a benchmark test on your own drives?

I appreciate your helping me in this, you guys have been great!