DVD-ROM or two DVD Burners?

I am going to order a DVD Burner and so I thought it would be a good Idea to get a DVD-ROM as a second drive for on-the-fly burning DVDs and so on. But now i read that DVD-ROM drives should not be used for scans, that DVD burner have a better error correction and that people often use a burner as their second drive.
So, if I want a second drive, shall I buy a second burner or get a DVD-ROM like Plextor PX-130A, BenQ DVP-1650V or Samsung SH-D162C?

Thank you.

I suggest you to buy a second burner.

Having two DVD burners of different models, preferrably even different brands, gives you more flexibility, especially if you have two burners that complement each others strengths and covers each others weaknesses.

It’s not generally recommended that you burn on the fly. Any read error means that the disk is lost.

With the cost of burners these days there’s little cost advantage of having a DVD-ROM instead of a burner.

Personally I’d get another burner, but not the same as the other one. This gives you more flexibility as some burners handle certain media better than others.

For example you can buy a liteon and a benq to have two different scan modes :slight_smile:

Mmm, I too would get another burner. Get different brands, as mentioned they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. :slight_smile:

So what would be a good partner for a LG 4167B? :slight_smile:
Benq 1640 isn’t available any more :frowning:

benq 1650 :slight_smile:


With present price of burners, DVD-ROM units became a kinf of rarity and as said above you get more flexibility with 2 burners.

Important point: the unit you want to use to read the discs must be a good “reader” (the number of sheeps in the reading tests) and you can’t exclude completely the possibility of better performance by a specific ROM drive, as you also can get quite good readers in the burner field.