DVD-ROM or Lite-On burner?

Ok, my beloved 166s just puked, tried cleaning it, and everything I could think of. It doesn’t recognize ANY type of disk inserted, and it makes funky noises. I think the bearings in the motor are kaput! So, now what to replace it with. I want FAST DVD ripping, commercial dual layer disks. The ability to copy lots of different things. The ability to scan my 3500’s burns with kprobe would be nice, but I don’t really care too much about that. Now here’s the question, seen as how optical drives are all pretty much under $50, I could care less about cost. So, what drive is going to serve me best, another DVD-ROM like my 166s, or a Lite-On burner??? I’ve heard good things about the Aopen 1648AAP, my 166s was AWESOME, and I’ll miss it. How about the new lite-on DVD-ROMs, are they up to snuff like the 16p9s??? How about the 167T, that’s available locally for $30?? What about Lite-ON burners??? I dunno what I should get, but I want it to be as good as my 166s or better! Thanks for replies, please provide me with an idea of how a DVD rip of a dual layer commercial disk compares to my 166s. That will be the most common operation for this drive. :iagree:

Yes,the Aopen is great. Unfortunately the Aopen 1648AAP is sold out, but you still can get the Aopen 1648AAP Pro, which is superb too.

I would choose the BenQ 1640 DVD-Burner, which is an excellent ripper and a very good writer too!

Between the AOpen and the new Liteon it seems to be a toss up. The AOpen needs Drivespeed to hit its max speed; the Liteon needs Codeguys firmware. Neither will read RAM like your 166.

I have a 167T and while it is a good reader it is not as fast as the AOpen or the new Liteon and $30 is too much as the others are around $25.

If you get a Liteon 1693 you will also be able to rip at speeds close to 12-14X (I have settled there as most discs on most drives have trouble ripping at light-speed anyway) and you will add a very good burner and a more precise scanner than BenQ. I have BenQ and Liteon burners and I find the Liteon more usable for my media and a good addition to NEC.

I would spend the extra and get a burner Liteon would be my first choice as the BenQ 1640 is as yet, too new.

But the BenQ has huge potential!
The latest firmware update brought us some great improvements (just look at TY -media) and the next release will bring overspeeding too (at least I hope so :slight_smile: )

I agree, it may be a great drive but I won’t generalize. Look at how good the NEC 3520 was and how disappointing the 3540 is (so far).

I replaced my Lite-on 166S with an Aopen 1648/AAP Pro and I could believe (I did posted it) the speed difference on ripping on D/L. :slight_smile:
Recently I replaced my Lite-on 52327S with a BenQ1640 and I also have an NEC 3500. So I would recommend anyone of the 3 but for ripping the only one is the Aopen.
Good luck with whatever you get. :slight_smile:

Did you use the MCSE reading patch for the BenQ?
The drive rocks with that!! :cool:

Ok, looks like it’s between the 16P9S or the 1693, I really like the idea of being able to do Kprobe scans, and help with the firmware tweaking though that’s almost done for the 3500. It would be nice to see how my 3500 burns though with a proper scan. The 1693 is almost exactly $50, so I dunno if I want it for sure. I can get a 16P9S locally too, but it’s $26.99 + tax. That’s not bad though considering that any drive I order is going to have shipping charges unless I get it from ZipZoomFly (where I order from usually anyways). I can have the 16P9S today though!!! Everybody wants $79 for a 1693 around here too, so I have to order that! The 1648AAP is almost IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND :sad: . Plus it needs software to rip good, so that’s an annoyance! Screw that, I’m getting another liteon. This 166s lived 4 YEARS being ABUSED in my machine, it was a WORKHORSE!

So, here’s what it comes down to: How do the drives deal with copy protection??? How about digital audio extraction??? Really, 12x is more than fast enough for ripping DVDs, I was worried about being stuck @ 4x, but I see the codeguys have fixed that for the 16P9S! Do I need a patched firmware for the 1693 for ripping?? If the burner has any real downsides, I’m going to get the DVD-ROM. If I can have a nice ripping drive, and have Kprobe scans, I’m there! If it has big problems with copy protection, I want something else. I don’t mind flashing the firmware, and I want region free abilities too. So, please, NEED INPUT! :iagree:

This should help with the price, $43 delivered. The 16P9S is cheaper as well.

Someone else will have to weigh in on the DAE and copy protection. I have a Plextor Premium so I am unaware of the DVD burner’s abilities.

Ok guys, I pretty mch have my mind made up, I’m probably gonna order in a few hours. I want it to ship out tomorrow, so please respond to this. I really want to know if the 1693 is a good copying drive, and I’m pretty sure it’s decent for DAE. My CD burner works good for that anyways, so it’s not a huge deal. My 166s was my source drive for difficult disks to copy, so I really NEED a good replacement. If this drive isn’t up to snuff, SOMEBODY SPEAK UP!!!

I would also like more details on the 16p9s, even though that looks like it is a decent drive too. I could give a FF about DVD-RAM, I’ve never even seen a disk for that! I never knew my 166s read that, so WHOOPTIE DOO. If the 16p9s is a better copying drive, lemme know! That’s the most important thing right now.

Also, what’s the procedure for flashing a 1693 in windows??? My floppy isn’t exactly reliable any more, and I don’t want to HOSE a brand new DVD burner because my floppy puked in the middle of a flash! I want it to be region free, and able to rip at high speed. Any tweaked firmwares that can burn better are cool too. :iagree:

Here is a review that talks about game copying. As I recall, no DVD burner will pass the 3 sheep test; only the Plextor Premium will copy anything; there may be other CD burners as well. Note that the CD burning problems have been fixed with KS09 firmware.


Here is the source for firmware and windows flashers. Liteon users have been using Windows since the dark ages with no trouble. I have flashed mine hundreds of times with no trouble.


Also read here:



I just tried it, it took two minutes off the BenQ rip and 1:30 off Aopen.
But correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t using a DVD-Burner for ripping shorting its life? :confused:

ARRRRRGGGGGHHHH, now I really DON"T KNOW what I want, now I’m more cornfused!! I dunno, it looks like the 1693 is kinda SLOW for a commercial movie ripper!!! :doh: That and it doesn’t like safedisk 2.9 :sad: , DANGIT!!! So, the BenQ looks like it’s a good ripper, but it’s really SLOW with safedisk!!! I can’t find ANY info about the 16p9s at all about safedisk. I also like the idea of $24 shipped to my door, that leaves enough for a case of beer this weekend :bigsmile: . So, I REALLY need some input about the 16P9S and copies of games!!! I dunno, I’ll give it a few more hours, I wanna order before they open tomorrow so my drive gets shipped. :iagree:

MAN, MORE CONFUSION!!! Ok, now I read I can flash the 1640 to a Plextor 740A, IS THIS TRUE??? I’ve always liked the Plextools, is it worth it to do this flash??? THe ONLY disadvantage I saw with the Benq was it’s SLOW to rip safedisk stuff, WHO CARES, as long as it does it!!! So, what’s better, BenQ 1640 @ Plextor 740A, or Lite-ON 16P9S all patched??? DANGIT, I wanna order it here in a few! :doh: :confused: :confused: :confused:

In case of copy-porotections, the PX 716 and LiteOn 1693 seem to be the BEST drives/burners handling that.
I haven’t seen a DVD-ROM performing that great, altough the LiteOn 16P9S comes close.
AFAIK, the Plextools won’t work with a PX 740!!



I saw not many discs which are read by the Aopen faster than by the BenQ (MCSE), but there are some indeed. Look here to find how the Benq performs.

This has been discussed here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=143756
I would agree with you, others wouldn’t.

Not so. It rips very well at 14X with the codeguy’s speedpatch:


Well, I decided I’d get a 16P9S, and if I don’t like it, I’ll get a 1693. I really don’t want to use the Lite-On burner for a burner, I just want it for a ripping drive, and scanner anyways. The whole idea was to use it for a really fancy reader. I could care less if it burns too, but I’m sure I’d use it for that too. Anyways, the pressure is off for now to make a decision, I ordered a 16P9S, and another for a friend of mine. I noticed they had a 100gb 8mb cache maxtor hard drive @ best buy for $50, and I wanted more capacity in my USB 2.0 enclosure, so I bought that too. So, the $100 extra spending cash is gone now, so a 1693 will have to wait until my buddy pays me back for his 16P9S (newegg had them for $20!!! So two of them shipped was $48!!!) and I sell my old 40gb drive from my usb 2.0 enclosure. I’m still looking for input, because I can always sell the 16P9S to somebody, and use it to buy a 1693 if I want to.

I didn’t realize that they made a speed patch for Lite-On burners, I thought that was a DVD-ROM thing only, shows what I know!!! So, the 1693 might still be my drive of choice, the 16P9S will be good for now. If Plextools doesn’t work with a 740, there’s no point in getting a BenQ and flashing it!!! So, it’s back down to keep the 16P9S, or get a 1693, and sell my new DVD-ROM??? How about my other drives??? how does my CD burner handle copy protection??? If my other drives can do what the others can’t, I don’t really need to upgrade to the 1693 unless I want a K-Probe scanner. I think for $46, I will forget about that feature! But if it has a significant advantage in ripping speed or copying abilities, I’m there! Does my 3500a do protected CDs well??? Will a 1693 do anything my other drives won’t except error scanning? If not, I don’t see any reason to buy it. So much for a case of beer this weekend! :doh:

Obviously you read the 16P9S review. Let us know how the drive performs…

Well, ya I read the review, but I still want info. I’m gonna use the 16P9S for a while and see how I like it. I dunno, the 16P9S should scan good too if I limit the speed, right??? Kinda like I used to do with my 166s. The 1693 seems like it doesn’t like certain copy protection though. We’ll see, I don’t copy a whole lot of games anyways, and usually I get a No CD crack for them and put it in the ISO when I make copies of them. :iagree: